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10 Best Bookshelves for Your Home Library

Best bookshelves for your lounge

In a world of ebooks including kindle, ipads the good old precious print books are still part of our homes. So if you are really a big book keeper and you are going out of space to keep your precious print book collected at one place then all you need is the best bookshelf for your books. Recognizing the best bookshelf amongst many best bookshelves as per to your desire can be an overwhelming task, to get you sorted we did some research.

That being said, it’s a matter of fact that print books takes up a lot of space even if they are sorted or not sorted properly. When we think about our own private library and how to best display our treasured books, first thought that hit your mind is to find one of the best bookshelves to buy because books have an interesting way of drawing the attention of any guest/visitor by effortlessly integrating with the casual atmosphere of home.

So to organize your treasure books all at once that are displayed in an interesting and eye catching way, all you need is the best bookshelves amongst all. Go through our list of the best book shelves to find the accurate and best bookshelf for your treasured books. We are pretty sure you will you will find the one as per to your desire.

Best bookshelves by HSH


HSH Solid Wood Bookcase

amazon.com $249.96

This solid wood has a natural look and rustic charm of this solid wood bookshelf which has a special way of adding warmth, elegance, to your home which can create healthy living spaces. This extraordinary durable bookshelf is made with sturdy construction with thick square steel tube frame and X-shaped bracket.

The best features about this HSH Solid Wood Bookcase are that it is easy to assemble and dissemble. It is made with rustic grain wood which makes it look more impressive in looks and its 5 tier shelves have enough space to collect all your books.

Best bookshelves by vasagle


VASAGLE Bookcase

amazon.com $91.99

This VASAGLE Bookcase is must have book shelf for every book lover because this one isn’t just a bookshelf itself but it is also works like a room ornament and cabinet because of its retro inspired look and huge storage. It is made with melamine partical board frame that make it durable and sturdy.

It has seven differently sized and separate compartments that are intertwined into each over for a unique look with an ideal storage. The feature about this bookshelf is that is has anti-tipping design from the protection with four canted legs in the bottom.

Best bookshelf by giantex


Giantex 7-Tier Bookshelf

amazon.com $109.99

It is a multipurpose storage bookshelf. You can display whatever you want to such as photos, potted plant, and artwork. This Giantex 7-Tier Bookshelf has eight spacious shelves that are arranged at different heights so the space between each tier is spacious enough to hold most stuff and the bottom tier is flat to give a stable base to the bookshelf.

It is made with sturdy and durable wood frame with white finish which can be easy assemble and stand freely without any other support. The best feature about this bookshelf is that it has anti slip foot pads that make it sturdy to stand.

Tribesigns best bookshelves


Tribesigns 5-Tier Bookshelf

amazon.com $169.99

Give your treasure books some vintage style by storing them in this Tribesigns 5-Tier Bookshelf. This sturdy bookshelf is made material of wood plank and durable carbonized steel which has solid steel tube support metal and E1 class environment protection engineered wood providing you varied storage space with its extra-large open-style 5 tier shelves.

This bookshelf doesn’t just look pretty in looks but it also functional with non-slip leg pads and super easy to assemble.

Best bookshelves by coavas


Coavas Folding Bookshelf

amazon.com $105.99

The one is the best for you if the thought of assembling new furniture scares you and makes you anxious because it has black frame and 4 folded Shelves. All you have to do is snap those 4 folded shelves on the black frame and taadaa! It’s all ready and the best thing it can be folded easily, so when it’s not in use you can fold this bookshelf back and save space.

It has sturdy and durable black coated iron frame with two oblique side bars and extra back bars that make this whole bookshelf stable and resistant with the ideal 12 inch space between each shelf providing an ideal storage.

Best bookshelves by c & a home


C&AHOME Tree Bookshelf

amazon.com $59.99

When you hear the word ‘tree bookshelf’ it gathers all your attention at once, so when you keep it in your home it has eventually all the attention because of its unique tree design and style. It is vertical structure, small footprint to make the full use of limited space.

Not just its design speaks for itself but it is made with the durable bamboo solid wood material. It has 7 wood shelves with an ideal and large storage space that can hold 5-10 books. Each shelf has anti-inverted parts with anti-friction rubber mat, and round edge to make it safe to stand.

Best bookshelves by Sauder


Sauder 5-Shelf Bookcase

amazon.com $223.99

This one is another vintage style bookshelf in the list. It has three adjustable shelves for flexible and large storage options that are perfect for displaying and storing books. It is made from engineered wood for it long lasting durability.

This bookshelf has patented slide-on moldings for quick and easy assembling. It’s available in six different colors so you can have one of your choices of assorted colors.

Best bookshelves by nathan james


Nathan James Theo 5-Shelf Wood Modern Bookcase

amazon.com $137.35

One more vintage style bookshelf, it is made with durable metal frame and oak-laminate reclaimed wood for its durability and vintage looks providing you minimalist style that can fit your style which has 5-tier bookshelves with ideal storage space.

This minimalist bookshelf with open-shelving structure has sturdy and durable metal wall-mounted frame which is easy to assemble and looks pretty in looks.

Casamudo black best bookshelves


Modern Black Bookcase 4-Shelves

amazon.com $109.99

This bookshelf is multi-purpose and distinctive itself because of it contemporary style that can fit into any space in your place with its elegant structure, eye-catching color synchronization and modern style. It is quıck and easy to assemble as it includes manual and easy-to-follow instructions.

It has 4 tier bookshelves which large storage space with different styles and sizes as per to your requirements.

Best bookshelves by IRONCK


IRONCK Bookshelf

amazon.com $114.99

This artistic bookshelf is made with durable wood and metal which are liable with a unique expression and lasting vitality. It has unique curving process that gives this bookshelf an elegant S-Shaped Z-Shelf look with reasonable layout and technical division that have increased the storage space.

It is made of high-quality metal tubes and CRAB P2 MDF board with wood grain finish which makes it durable and long lasting which it easy to install and clean.