10 Easy Ways to Make Money Writing Essays In 2022

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10 Easy Ways to Make Money Writing Essays In 2022

Do you like the idea of earning some cash through writing, or even forging an enriching career in it? Then, you’ve clicked on the right link.

In the remainder of this write-up, we’ve covered ten of the most remarkable online platforms that’ll pay you once you register as a freelance writer with them.

The great part is you can keep your day job or personal business in addition to having this side hustle. So, what are those profitable methods freelance writers can use to get paid, excluding blogging? Stick along to find out.


Vox is one of the excellent ways for writers to get paid. Many people love reading first-person short stories (whose submissions Vox tends to favor). Those tend to expose, more definitely, specific aspects of a character’s lives and interests; the sort readers would’ve otherwise not been privy to with third-person prose or other forms of literature.

Vox typically looks for write-ups that show a first-person view of a story character. Does your creative writing approach storytelling that way? Then, consider pitching your piece to the editor in charge. Check out the contact page to get in touch with the editor.

Vox pays around $0.19—$0.41 per word. The acceptable length is usually also around 1200-3000 words.


John Simmons, a freelance content writing expert from the essay writing service PapersOwl, claims: “If you’re unsure how to approach any potential topics you might’ve been assigned, consider reaching out to a professional service to help you out and make you successful.”

The operational model for this platform is somewhat distinct from Vox. Here, you deliver your offers and wait for interested customers to get in touch with you.

Usually, you may be contacted to either write blog posts, product descriptions, or book reviews. At other times also, clients’ needs may be more academic. You might be needed to either write academic papers or do somebody’s homework.

This platform typically requires that the writing expert complete application forms, take tests to assess their grammatical proficiency levels, and showcase items from their portfolio. Should you pass all the tests laid out, you’d then be able to bid for gigs on the site.


The pay rate at cosmopolitan is $100 per 800 words. Cosmopolitan is that one other platform that focuses exclusively on women’s affairs. As long as you’re interested in exploring the different approaches to earn money writing on the web on any topic regarding feminine lifestyles, your submission would be acceptable at Cosmopolitan.


Longreads offers a convenient way to flex your writing skills. From research papers to the typical essay, you’d often come across a gig listing aligned with your preferred niche. Submissions on Longreads are mostly long-form, with the common range typically around 2000 – 6000 words.

Keep in mind that not only would all submissions be checked for possibilities of plagiarism, but all fact sources you might’ve quoted would also equally be thoroughly checked. Longreads pays $500 per essay.

Slice Magazine

Slice Magazine focuses primarily on fictional pieces, non-fiction as well as poems. It’s recommended you examine the themes they cover before going on to compose your piece. Slice typically accepts long-form submissions between 500 – 5000 words. The pay is typically $250.

Bugle Magazine

Bugle focuses on specific niches compared to other articles on our list. The write-ups typically required are on topics like Elk Hunting, and Wildlife Management. Consider checking out the “about us” page to know exactly what niches they publish on. There is also a “Women in Outdoors” column where you submit general write-ups focused on women’s affairs. The word range is around 1000 – 3000 words. The pay is typically around $0.20 per word.

The Establishment    

The Establishment is managed exclusively by women, and its target audience is women. Its carefree tone has made it a popular hit among women of different age ranges. The minimum word count is 800 words, with the max being 1500 words. The pay rate is $125 for these write-ups.

Horse Network    

As the name implies, the Horse Network focuses on all affairs regarding horses. If you like those animals and are quite ok with writing about them, then the Horse Network is where you should look for a more immersive experience.

The Horse Network prefers all submissions to be a bit light-toned and even comedic. They also like it when you attach a video or a pretty picture related to the topic of the write-up.

To top it, Horse Network gives lots of handy advice on how to organize an essay to render your write-ups more appealing to readers. Not only would you get to impress your friends and readers better that way, but it may also improve the amount of engagements you’ve with your publication. Such success would come in greatly helpful eventually.

Horse Network typically pays $50-100 for 500-750 words.

Money Pantry      

As you might’ve guessed, Money Pantry is a personal finance website. As folks keep looking for several methods to save and make even more good money, you may rest assured that your writing service as a personal finance expert will remain lucrative and in demand for a long while. The acceptable blog post range is typically within 700 – 2000 word publications. The platform pays $150 for every submission you make.


It’s understandable if you might’ve confused Motherwell for the popular soccer team. However, in this case, it’s not. Motherwell is a family-focused platform dedicated to helping nursing mothers take better care of their kids.

The maximum word count Motherwell accepts is pegged at 1200 words. The pay rate is $50 per submission, however.


We have no doubts that you’ve ultimately been successfully tutored on the writing services there are. In our opinion, there’s no best way or one-size-fit-all, and it’s not entirely enough to filter through by pay rate; we recommend you try looking for a niche you’re passionate about. By the way, The Money Pantry is our esteemed favorite.

Not only is it domiciled firmly in the Financial niche, but they also offer tips and practical suggestions to help you get started as soon as possible.