10 Inspiring Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2021

10 Inspiring Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2021

Entrepreneurship is a diverse path, and it is growing more familiar with every year that passes. But it is a track that does not have an exact way ahead, and that suggests it is easy to fall and mislay one’s way. Anyone who succeeds in following that track to fruition by hard work, perseverance, and strength comes into the list of inspiring entrepreneurs.

According to Two Comma PR, the entrepreneurs who are leading the way are the ones who are creative, innovative, and driven to succeed – no matter the external situations. Here are ten inspiring entrepreneurs at various stages of their entrepreneurial venture over various industries worth giving attention to in 2021 and further.

1. Taylor Jones

The success story of Taylor Jones starts as an artist, traveling with Disney for three years in Europe. A dispute with a former manager sidetracked his pop-star career, but that did not hinder him from the innovation in the industry he was so affectionate about. From his practice, he determined what he did not want to become and directed his strength on giving the best possible representation for his clients. He has represented winners of Junior Eurovision, The Voice Kids, and Pop Idol, mentoring and achieving their careers in entertainment and music throughout his profession.

Today, he is an award-winning music / digital executive and founder of The Hello Group, which is an LA-based entertainment company he operates with his brother Kyran Jones and former Warner Music and Virgin Records boss, Phil Quartararo.

Along with his other activities, Taylor is also a preeminent A&R executive who is identified as a motivation in the emergence of K-Pop in current US pop culture. From the last 18 months, his record of writers and producers have been responsible for 20+ gold, platinum, and triple-platinum famous singles/albums for artists and 18 Billboard #1 chart results, such as the world’s most influential band BTS, accompanying with other international acts such as NCT 127, SuperM, ITZY, WayV, EXO’s KAI, THE9, Victon, and many more.  In 2021, Taylor and his agency will be moving ahead into TV and film production by launching a new studio division at The Hello Group that will produce non-fiction and scripted shows for YA and the family public.

2. Nick Molnar

Nick Molnar, the youngest female unicorn, co-founded the buy-now-pay-later company Afterpay, which is presently one of Australia’s largest industries and has currently joined the more profitable US market.

The digitized lay-buy transaction model had a massive year in 2020. In September, its customer support reached 11 million people globally, of which 60% in the US. Till the ending of the financial year, June 30, 2020, the sales of Afterpay reached more than doubled to $11.1 billion. In Australia, it possesses a 73% market share. Its shareholders would be pleased, from an investing point of view. On March 23, 2020, the share price was $8.90. Just 11 months later, on February 11, 2021, it is $154.81.

Millennials and rising Gen Z customers are taking up the buy now, pay later basis, making the future look profitable for Afterpay.

Nick Molnar gives business advice:

It’s all about being mindful and active listening. As our business grew, and the team scaled, it was important to hear my team first before acting.

3. Patrick Finnegan

Patrick began his entrepreneurial venture as a political 11-year-old fundraiser, gathering funds for the first campaign of President Obama. He was so active and was called to the Presidential inauguration.

As a teenager, he started tech startups Prepprep Showcase and WorldState, which targeted Gen Z viewers. This was just a step towards becoming a young venture financier. At the age of only 24, Finnegan is developing an effective portfolio with investments in more than 30 companies, such as Lyft, Hims, and Switch.

He practices his Gen Z nous to “predict the future of early-stage consumer venture capital by leveraging his extensive online network, pairing them with opportunities in Silicon Valley.

Patrick Finnegan gives his advice:

“I’m not a Harvard Business School graduate. The way I look at a company is very different. I look at it as how my generation relates to it; I look at it as how relevant it is. Is it trendy? Is there longevity to it?”

4. Cody Alt

Cody Alt is a real story motivation, growing from a small village of just twenty people in Montana to the emperor of the CBD/Cannabis industry.

 In 2012, he co-founded Mon-Dak Oilfield Services as an oil rig reclamation contractor by the age of 26, and he was earning $50,000 a week. He determined to start a new venture — Body Fuel, which evaporated his money so much that in 2016, at age 28, he resorted to handing out fliers and bartending for his living.

It was then that he turned to what he regarded as a huge opportunity — cannabis. As the political landscape for cannabis evolved, Alt saw a chance to start a set of businesses vertically combined that could enable him to control the market.

The four companies — PureKana, Kushly, Elevate Media, Slapps Underwear, and Never Sell Dope, made more than $60 Million in 2019. The first two companies concentrate on CBD (legal in all 50 states) and cannabis commodities. There have been many new participants to the cannabis market, but Alt uses Social Media to build his personal brand and grow his business.

In August, Alt proclaimed that PureKana would be placed on the NASDAQ through a reverse merger with the Canadian company, AF1 Capital Corp. Cody Alt gives his advice: “I put my blood, sweat, and tears into this company to get it off the ground when I had nothing. I have other successful companies now, but none of that would have ever been possible if I didn’t hit rock bottom and learn how to refocus my responsibility in life and hold myself accountable not to let it fail.”

5. Taraji P. Henson

You might not assume to see Henson on this list. The actress is recognized for her Hidden Figures’ roles, and Empire has now built her now business realm. Henson has a beauty product and hair care line, a production firm, and a mental health foundation.

Having experienced mental health issues in silence, she started a non-profit to eradicate mental health stain. In 2018 she began the Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation named after her father was a Vietnam veteran who suffered a mental illness.

Henson had strived to discover a black therapist during her own mental health problems, saying it was like, “looking for a purple unicorn with a golden horn.” Initially focusing on increasing mental health awareness, she immediately turned once the COVID pandemic hit like any real entrepreneur. Now the foundation concentrates on promoting mental healthcare. Henson currently gathered over $1.6 million in donations, directing on African Americans and females needing support. Her TPH by Taraji was started in January 2020 and quickly settled a contract with Target. Henson determined to begin her own haircare brand when she realized that there were not sufficient products focusing on the scalp problem. She formulated the product herself over ten years.

Taraji P. Henson gives advice:

“I look forward to treating employees, and I look forward to treating people that work for me because I want them to know how much they mean to me and how appreciated they are and how much I need them.”

6. Michele Romanow

The World Economic Forum is called Michele Romanow, a Young Global Leader. She started the first ever zero consumer waste coffee shop while at college and established three other companies before reaching her 30. There is no doubt she is the youngest ever investors on Canada’s Dragon Den, their version of Shark Tank.

Her most profitable company is Clearbanc, which started in 2015, through which she has financed over $1 billion into over 3000 companies. Clearbanc is an enterprise capital firm that “specializes in non-dilutive revenue-share agreements with start-ups. It is known for its “20-minute term sheet”, offering equity-free investments in companies.” It has the most prominent e-commerce investor in the globe. Michele Romanow gives her advice: “You have to understand that all ideas start very small. The biggest piece of advice I have is that you have to start right now. Literally, right now, where you are today.”

7. Rohan Shah

In 2019, Rohan Shah started Extend, which is a product offering company that makes it more manageable for merchants to give extensive warranties online. The customer experience is also developed as they can register a request online and get approval within seconds. Extend makes its income through a commission on warranty sales.

In the last twelve months, they have proclaimed partnerships with iRobot, Peloton, Harman, and Logitech. At the same time, they have increased $56 million in funding from Meritech Capital and PayPal Ventures. Rohan Shah gives his advice: “Trust is literally taped to the wall in our office. Trust is the #1 word that we think about when we build features for our end consumers. How do they trust us more than programs in the past? And how do we drive even more Trust and loyalty between that end consumer and the brand that they purchased from?”

8. Adam Cooper

Adam Cooper’s venture was not a smooth one. He was suspended from his Primary and Secondary schools; he ended up with just 4 GCSE’s, which would be discouraging for many. He became a qualified MOT inspector and served for seven different vehicle repair companies before understanding he required more. In 2012, he began his property venture at Taylors Estate Agency, where he really understood this industry.

In 2016, he entered City Homes Estate Agents as a letting’s negotiator, and just after three months, he was operating the branch and leading five employees. He gave his two years in the company and developed their portfolio from 80 to 245 managed properties in that short space of time. Eventually, he determined to gamble everything and begin his own venture. He had eventually discovered his true passion.

His entrepreneurial vision extended to the moment as he founded Freedom Homes in December 2017. It all started in his extra room, but Adam’s prominence in the industry began to improve with hard work and commitment. By November 2020, he had six successful companies under his name, had turned and flipped numerous HMOs and financed in various properties, making 6 figure earnings. Their history proceeds to be written. He now has five workers, a build team of 13 + contractors, has 7 HMO projects in progress and a further 10 in the pipeline. Adam completely changed his life, going from an uninspiring car mechanic to a business owner. He is very passionate about supporting others to realize their real potential and has the aim of starting an entrepreneur academy, to help over 1 million young aspiring entrepreneurs to change the world.

Adam Cooper’ gives advice:

“You don’t need fancy highbrow traditions or money to really learn. You just need people with the desire to better themselves.

9. Adam Probert

Adam Probert acknowledged early on in his entrepreneurial venture that as businesses turned to a more digital space, they were leaving behind the particular element that supported them to achieve success in the first place; human connection.   

Including his inherent passion for people and food, Adam moved from his role in banking to help some of London’s most famous restaurants with communications and marketing services. 

By concentrating on branding, community, and content, Adam connected the gap between online and offline, supporting businesses to refine their brand and connect with their public on a personal level. 

Not long into his new endeavor, Adam apprehended that he could replicate the progress he’d been having with restaurants over many industries and has since operated brands in the drinks, automotive, hotel, fitness, members club, and travel spaces.  

After managing under the name of his infamous Instagram handle ‘Adam Eats’ since 2017, Adam officially started his marketing agency, AXJ Media, in 2021. 

AXJ Media’s purpose is to support businesses to be noticed, heard, and appreciated, very much encompassing Adam’s center of putting people at the heart of the company. 

Adam and his expanding team could not be more delighted at the prospect of 2021 full of new challenges, impactful work, and satisfied clients!

10. Josh Abbot

A young entrepreneur, consultant, strategist, adventurer, and synergist all this can be a complete package called Josh Abott.  

Josh has earned valuable international exposure and experience from some of the most innovative entrepreneurs and companies in the world, having lived and served across the Singapore, UK, Amsterdam, Melbourne, Madrid, Dubai, and Barcelona. Since the age of 19, Josh had served for Uber when the company first started its services in Singapore, Antler (a venture capital firm that has created 190 portfolio company investments within two years and Ofo (Ofo increased $2bn+ funding, led by Alibaba, scaling globally).

Josh now uses his time joining points globally as a strategist, helping to structure some of the fastest growing companies in the world. For example, Josh is developing ‘Growth Shop’ beside their CEO. Growth Shop builds, start and scale direct-to-consumer brands that they hold or operate significant ownership stakes in. One of their brands exploded by 3000% in just six months, leading to multi-million dollars in income.

Also, Josh serves on synergistic deals between entities all over the world, drawing in many companies their most important clients, such as Wiser. Moreover, his work with one of the largest football clubs in the world on sourcing sponsorship partners encouraged him to begin Venture Sports & Entertainment Ltd with 3 of the UK’s most prominent sports agents. Their center for 2021 is promoting deals across football and eSports. 

“My future plan is to carry on having fingers in multiple pies, being the guy who can ‘make things happen’, whilst having a positive impact on the world” – Josh says. 

Josh has already begun to influence the world, being the right-hand-man to the Founder of Stronger Generations (charity) through raising funds and bringing in important connections. Stronger Generations encourages young people to make a positive difference in their world, running workshops and constructing schools and homes for evacuees.

It is difficult not to be inspired after hearing the stories of these inspiring entrepreneurs. By reaching out to these strong-minded and focused entrepreneurs, we feel like we have made links within the community. As a result, we have not only got an insight into what it suggests to be an inspiring entrepreneur but given them the acknowledgment they deserve.

These strong individuals are at different stages of their venture and have a wide range of experiences in diverse industries. They are all dedicated to success, or rather, even bigger success than they currently enjoy. And the greatest recognition they can receive Make sure to follow each of these inspiring entrepreneurs as they proceed to flourish and grow in 2021.