10 Tips to Improve Your Academic Writing Skills

10 Tips to Improve Your Academic Writing Skills

Many people enter academia as a learning hobby or an entry into their profession. But some particular skills are needed in all subjects and regulations. Whether you are a chemist or a historian, you have to create well-written essays, assignments, and reports to show your curriculum’s learning. And for some students, it is very challenging.

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Although some people may be God-gifted in writing, academic writing is different. For others, writing is the most irritating part. Luckily, numerous tips can be applied to academics to enhance your grades greatly.

Focus on Online Editing And Proofreading Resources

1- Focus on Online Editing And Proofreading Resources

If you think that you will be at your best without getting help from anyone, then it’s your misconception. In reality, all the resources and support available to you will enable you to create quality work at school and on the job and learn a lot. When it applies to academic writing, online tools are a great companion. There are numerous free resources to empower you for your vocabulary, grammar, spelling mistakes, and sentence structure. 

2- Plan and Structure

Any academic writing piece comprises deep research and Information. You have to tie it up with your thoughts and other claimed resources while terminating other ideas to defend you. It is comprehensive Information to add to an essay. But for good grades, you need to divide them into some expressive sections/parts. Each part will be comprehensive and refer back to the previous section. Keep in mind that you are going to write a rough draft. After finalizing it once, proofread it and make the required changes. 

3- Remember Your Audience

It is one of the essential requirements of any academic writing. You should be aware at the start about who you are going to write, a teacher, professor, or an expert community. It will save your time to avoid extra explanation as you know that they already know about it. Let them learn about your opinion and ideas instead of repeating their existing knowledge. 

4- Ask Your Teacher to Check Before the Final Submission

Once you have done your first rough draft and proofreading, send it to your teacher to check it. You can also access your friends to get their feedback about it. This step will help you know if your essay points are associated and have a consistent flow. This will also let you confirm if you have used reliable sources and if your arguments are supported. All these must be tackled before submitting the final draft. 

5- Write as You Speak

If you want to know your paper’s quality, you should read it loudly. Listening will make it much clearer when your sentences get too long, your structure too complicated, or your punctuation too short.

6- Write Attractive Headlines

The academic writing expert suggests that your essay will be nothing without headings. That’s why you should use attractive and appealing headings and subheadings to catch the reader’s attention. 

7- Read and Write Thoroughly and Comprehensively 

Your experience and practice play an important role in improving your academic writing skills. Reading will motivate you, give unique and new ideas, and set a format, language, and tone, particularly for the academic essay. Similarly, daily writing a few lines will also lead you to grasp the writing. 

8- Avoid Writing Irrelevant Stuff

You should not fill up your paper with irrelevant and lengthy sentences. It may lose the reader’s attention. Try to write catchy, short, concise, and compelling sentences that help to engage your reader. 

9- Use Bullet Points To Highlight Important Information.

Use different writing styles to sharpen your writing skills. Bullet points will help you to make important information more prominent. 

10- Use Proper Punctuation

Experts recommended that punctuation tricks support students a lot to create quality content. You should know that a false comma can significantly change the whole sentence’s meaning. That’s why you should be aware of the seriousness of exact punctuation to support clear sentence meaning. 


We know that numerous people are experts in their selected classes. They have deep knowledge and learning about all their curses’ parts. But articulating that learning in writing is not an easy task. They may be good at studying but not at writing. As mentioned above, academic writing is different from general and simple writing. It has some rules and boundaries to take care of. Hopefully, the given ten tips and tricks will help you write an effective and high-quality research paper. We are not sure that you will get high grades but these tips will help you to move forward to good grades.