10 Traits For Success That Require ZERO Talent

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10 Traits For Success That Require ZERO Talent

The people who are talented are the most successful. That’s what we believe, right? Let me tell you something different – talent or skills are not enough to be successful. In fact, there are tons of talented people out there who are not successful, to begin with.

Success is often associated with having the right attitude. Even if you have zero talent, what if I tell you you can still succeed? How do you ask? These are the 10 determinants of success:

1: Believe in Yourself

The first key to success is believing in yourself. This attitude can help you wither any kind of storm. When you believe in yourself, there is a voice inside you that tells you, you are greater than your obstacles.

Psychologists say that you are the architect of your reality. They are right, you know. Once you are able to believe that you can do something, you actually can. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

2: Develop a Positive Attitude

A positive attitude helps you see the silver lining in the darkest phase of your life. Whether something goes your way or not, an optimist is able to see the positive in everything. Once you are able to see the good in each situation and person, you get a very valuable lesson.

3: Body Language

The way you carry yourself is often more important than what you say. A strong body language can be a strong impression. And the best part is 2 minutes of standing in a power pose can increase your testosterone level by 20%. Good body language includes standing up straight and making eye contact. These are the signs that you are a confident person.

4: Value Time

We hear this over and again, time is a precious commodity. If you waste it, you are not just being disrespectful to others but to yourself too. Being on time is something that lies in your control. It shows that you are a disciplined person.

5: Being Coachable

If you are the kind of person who always argues, you need to stop. If you want to be successful, you need to listen to the experienced people around you. Learn from those who came before you.

Let me share an example of this. My friend and his roommate were looking for a new Internet service provider. They wanted good and cheap service. I recommended WOW Internet service.

His roommate insisted that WOW Internet wasn’t good and that their service was not available in their area. I asked my friend to call Cox customer service number for checking internet availability before believing his roommate. They subscribed to another Internet service. And now my friend complains about a high Internet bill and how service quality. So last week, I decided to check if WOW Internet was available in their area and it was.

Long story short, if my friend had just listened to what I had to say and inquired about WOW’s service area, he would have been enjoying affordable Internet service.

6: Take control

I hear you, things can go out of control at times. But that doesn’t mean nothing is in your control. You need to take those things in your hands that are actually in your control. This can be done by gathering information so that you can take powerful actions.

7: Be Prepared

Opportunity can come tapping at your door anytime. You need to be prepared. Once you do that, you won’t startle when something unexpected happens. And the unexpected will not stop you because you are more concerned with moving forward. The ones who are successful the most are the ones who ready to pounce at opportunities as they come.

8: Do Extra Work

The best people are those who are ready to walk the extra mile. While you do that, make sure you are not stepping on anyone else’s toes. Doing extra work takes character, not talent. It shows that you are willing to give yourself in ways others are not.

9: Offer Help

When you choose to help others out, you are actually making your own life meaningful. Someone once said that in life, you can get anything you want as long as you help people get what they want.

10: Take Some Rest

Just because you want success, it doesn’t mean you spend the day in and out on the goal you wish to achieve and burn yourself out. Just like working hard is important, sleeping is important, too. When you give yourself enough time to rest, you will feel energetic the next day and you will be able to accomplish more.

Summing Up

As mentioned earlier, your success does not depend on your talent, but having the right attitude, good morals, and having discipline. Going back to my friend’s experience, if he had called Cox voice support and inquired about the availability of their service, he wouldn’t have missed out on the opportunity of getting affordable Internet. So, do listen to others and do the due diligence since it’s pertinent to success.

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