Misunderstood Facts About Technology

13 Most Misunderstood Facts About Technology

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In the era of technological revolution. Technology is considered to be the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This revolution is changing the shapes of our lifestyle, the way we work, live and connect with each other. Technology has now both potential to challenge the world and uphold human rights. Technology not only changes the structure of our life. It has impacted our differences and somehow it has allowed being society adjusted. It has changed our mindsets.

The increased amount of use of AI and automation is now increasing the global jobs all around the world’s market, also significantly impacting the right to work in a decent and fair manner. It is expected by 2020, 85% of all customer interaction will be handled without Human Agent with the help support provided in the form of chatbots and self-service technologies. It already has occurred for example UBER.

The world of technology is expanding rapidly. It is creating new pathways to increase much accurate and powerful process for diagnosing cancer to enabling self-driving cars. Technology Data is now the key ingredient that makes machine learning possible.

In today’s world, each time technology evolves and amazes us. It is mandatory that we may receive some warning alongside about the new innovation’s danger but whenever these things occur with such amazing abnormal and unimaginable facts which seems just misguided and flat out wrong.

Here are some the most useful facts about the how Technology is being understood and reason on why you should stop believing them and be more open to the world of Technology.

  1.    Wealth is not equally distributed by Technology.

Technology is one of the key assets that is making the world rich overall. In 2009 the riches which we considered was 1 percent was about 44 percent only. By 2014 the 1 percent has made its shape up to 48 percent. By 2020 it is estimated that 1 percent would be owned by 54 percent of global wealth.

  1.    Doctors and scientists are using Technology with only limited research.

Doctors have been changing the world of technology as well. HIV was diagnosed as one of the diseases with a death sentence. Now HIV has transformed into a disease that is manageable in only 30 years time span. Now the medical technology has evolved into a new bigger and brighter horizon. Now a huge chunk of capital is being invested in Hospital and medical researchers to create new discoveries and treatments for the humankind.

  1.    Children are being affected by Technology

The biggest myth which surprisingly people still believe that technology is destroying our minds and making us slower in processor. Today there are more than 80,000 educational apps available to download just from Apps stores. Most of these about 72.% is just targeted for the toddlers and preschoolers. Creating the apps, websites and games for educational purpose create independence in the children to find new challenges and sort themselves out easily. Parents have more control over academic of children teachings. It is evolving the child’s knowledge by knowing newer and informative idea, information and possibilities.

  1.    Using Phones at Petrol or Gas Stations would cause Fire

Several wrong information has spread about one of using technology is that it might cause the fire in petrol pumps. Phones aren’t radiated as much as exaggeration it is given to. Cellphones are thought that it might generate an electric spark that could ignite gasoline fumes. On the matter of logic it might true but as the result only once this accident has occurred and it the end of the investigation it was reported that phone wasn’t responsible for starting the fire. But still to be safe. It would be advisable to follow instructions and leave the phone in the car only.

  1.    WWW The World Wide Web and the Internet are exactly same

It’s plain simple. The World Wide Web and the Internet aren’t the same things. The internet is a structure that allows us information to be shared from one place to another place, reaching any network all around the world, such uses of the internet are used by personal Computer, smartphones and so many others way technology have developed products. The world wide web is actually a website.  It is a site developed with pages. The web is one of the most important reasons why the Internet exists.

  1.   In order to Charge devices, it is important to drain your technology devices and recharge your  phone to almost full charge.

These issues to occur at a very start of the development of technology but now by 2018, the evolutions of technologies have allowed charging the devices whenever it is feasible. Now devices can be recharged whenever it is convenient for looking continuously at the battery. Companies have started to use Lithium which helps in the batteries.

  1.     A microwave is bad for your Health

A microwave is one of the oldest technology that is used till now in the everyday base. Microwave used to radiate, at the newer times when microwaves were invented but now that times have changed. Microwaves are nowhere near to do any real harm. Apparently, FDA has now put a limit on the amount of the microwaves and now it has proven that it’s radiation are now far below the level known to harm people who use microwaves.

  1.    Using Brower in Incognito mode would make it “ Anonymous”

Using private or incognito mode may not show up in the history section of the web or internet but the identity wouldn’t be hidden. The visit is just hidden for your purpose only. The internet would still collect date from the modes you pick. It wouldn’t show invincible user but same as a generic user using their choice of modes.

  1.    Brain Cancer can be caused by Cellphones

One of most conspiring stories that caused a lot of conversation about health scares in the 1990’s and early 2000 ’s, no genuine research was discovered regarding cellphone causing cancer. No such link was developed between cancer and cell phones altogether. From a study that took place from 11 years research, the UK concludes with the fact that there was no evidence that creates a risk of health as it is ongoing research there’s are still room for more information from this case.

  1.    Video games are affecting the Kid’s behaviors.

As much it seems to easier to blame Video Games reason in charge of Children’s behavior. Science isn’t sure about it. In the study of 2013, it shows that Video games aren’t the reason of altered behavior but it is the opposite that Children who play video games are happier and more adjusted than to those children who don’t.

Video games are affecting the Kid’s behaviors

  1.    If there is a disclaimer in the social network, the post would be prevented.

The idea of putting disclaimer is owning your post or work which you have posted on social media. The right for a post that is up in social media wouldn’t be secured. Agreeing to terms of Facebook means that content posted in profiles would be belonging to facebook as well. Facebook has right to use the photos, post, and content but it depends on how the privacy is set.

  1.    The Better Mega Pixels would mean better Photos

The reason for better mega Pixel would mean amazing photos. It wouldn’t be as true as they show in every cellphone commercials. In every DSLR commercial, the more megapixel are shown as better photos. It is the art that counts when it comes to shooting or filming. A lot of methods are applied that can look good to the eye to the people.

  1.    More Extended warranty would mean worth your money.

Not exactly true. It isn’t easy to buy anything at this time without any warranty. If it is online shopping or services plan for few extra money the companies offer repairable purchases if damaged in few years. The issue with this offer that it is almost unnecessary or a waste of money. Considering how much the extended warranty cost versus the actual amount of technology gadget you buying would be one the reason you would better off saving the money in a fund.

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