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20 Resources That Will Make You Better At Technology

Technology has added a dynamic edge to our everyday tasks. The same has drastically divided man power and has incredibly decreased the amount of blood and sweat that was put over each simple task. Technology is not a new term anymore, it was since the industrial revolution that this term initiated in real means and now is a part of every household to every little business. Since, it is 21st Century and now the world has excelled beyond the complexities of virtual realities, the word ‘technology’ has now become more diverse than the task itself. There are people and countries which lag behind in technology and then those countries which are an epitome of technological bloom to an extent that now even robots look like real people.

As mentioned earlier, there are countries which are at their peak of technological success but then there are those nations which are lagging behind this bloom. Those countries are either under developed or lack intelligence to adopt change, therefore, they are not at par with technological chart that is running in the rest of the world. To change this curvature, now everybody has to buckle up their own belts and help themselves know more good about technology. This text is being jotted down to explore different resources for an individual to have more technological access and knowing efficiently the use of it.

There can be as many resources as possible but a few influential resources can be:

1) Access-to or livelihood-in Urban Areas:

The access to urban areas is very favorable to have an easy and good access to technology. As urban areas are hub of businesses and bigger platforms. Those businesses or platforms provide training and proper control of technology and also develop a sense of ownership so that the user may interact properly to any machine and use it skillfully rather than like an amateur.  Urban areas are usually a junction where all international and national enterprises interact and share resources and find new ways; for a person to be living in any such area is a plus point as she/he may get a full approach to any technology and will be well aware of any up-gradation to it.

Technology Resources in urban areas

2) Monetary Resources:

Money is an essential for every human being. It is the rule of this instance as no worldly trade or task takes place without money. Therefore, for a person to be monetarily equipped is a very important phenomenon. A person can have access to the biggest of technologies and inventions only if he is fuller at his pocket. Therefore, for being good at technology it is very important to have an access to technology and that has to take place through money. If a person is unprivileged or has low finances then, obviously s/he will not have an open access to resources that lead to know technology i.e. no good school, no good college– eventually no good jobs and no technological access.

Monetoy Resource

3) Education:

Education is the basic necessity of every human being. Education can influence the biggest hurdles and can propel any odd in your favor. To be educated is like filling the blank gaps that sustain within a human mind. To fill out unasked yet teasing questions which reside within our self.  Education can make a person open minded so an extent that s/he will not feel distant to any worldly fact. Knowing technology will become easier as education and pre-education of that area makes a person more vigilant and thoughtful of the uncertainties of using anything.

Education is a resource of technology advancement

4) Basic Technologies:

Computers (PC) or Televisions are counted as the most basic technologies that are present in any household. To have them is like to have vision and audibility to any area of the world just by sitting across your PC or T.V. These technologies assure that you have an access to every event that is taking place globally and to assure that you are mentally ready to use any of it in future for your own self. Not just this, but this almost like having a pre-qualification to use any gadget or machinery even before touching it.

basic technologies in household

5) Schools with technological usage:

Schools should keep introducing the students to new and emerging technologies. This way people will have an overview of the same and can easily access technology and make you good at it. Schools are a nurturing point where a student buds from a bud to a proper flower. If access to computers, internet is there and students are motivated to be productive then surely they will brainstorm to know more about it.

Schools equipped with technology

6) Smart Phones:

Smart phones are one big necessity of any individual. It is equivalent to holding a mouthful of information to almost everything in your hand. Smart phones are so smart that one can literally work from diagnosing a disease to repairing a car in seconds.  If one intends to keep a smart phone then s/he can literally penetrate through any situation just by the click of a button. Now using a new machine does not require you to jump through the whole helpers’ guide. Rather a person only has to go and watch one video and there you get your tutorial. With the increasing complexities of technology, surely smart phones act as the best medicine to any problem by providing an instant solution.

Smart Phones

7) Blogs:

Blogs, books and articles are also the most helpful resources to know about technology. it is almost like learning something from someone’s previous mistakes or understandings. This can immensely take less of your time and less of your energy. Blogs are an understanding of an aspect of anything which may not be uncovered before you. Therefore, blogs can literally do wonders if utilized for a positive use. Reading these blogs and articles intends to open dimensions of one’s thought process and let the person breathe beyond their comfort zone and move beyond their thoughts.

Blogging about technology

8) Training Programs:

To get better at anything one has to be a pro at it. To do so, every person is not prepared by birth hence; s/he needs proper time and management to do so. Therefore, if training programs take place and focus of that organization is on training of their employees or students, then, surely one can get better understanding of new advancements and also be good at it in no time. Training is a major part of any person’s learning, if a person wants to be a specialist of anything, then, s/he must adopt it in means that not a single doubt is left in its usage. It is the requirement to train oneself properly for any contingency or any situation or even a machine usage, so that in time of need it does not occupy more time than what is required.

Employee and Organization training

9) Peers and group learning:

Friends are one good source for any person to have an easy access and learning of anything beyond of emotions. Friends, especially good friends have a certain limit of sharing and that is not just a sharing of gossips and secrets but an exposure of what both sides usually use and what technologies they are aware of. Hence, peers are usually the first to introduce each other of various technologies and gadgets. Peers are more like siblings but from two different households. Therefore, it’s almost like sharing values, beliefs and then worldly things. Peers usually give a clear view of how one must use certain things that the other is already using and how should they not use it. Moreover, they give an appraisal of anything that is in market these days.

Peers and group learning

10) Internet:

Internet is a necessity of this century. No task can take place without internet or over internet. Starting it from online banking to using your phones as remotes, everything has a solution through internet. It is blessing in every situation. If used soundly and properly, internet can give an ultimate access to anything which an individual intends to use at any point of time. Internet has its perks. It has bulk of information to be utilized for any problem, at this point the user should be well aware of the appropriateness of the information that is required in time and not stocking the excess which also go against the user’s response.

Internet and technology relation

11) WI-FI:

Wireless Fidelity commonly known as Wi-Fi is a wireless connection to internet while sitting anywhere at any time. A Wi-Fi is connected to through a portal known as router which gives of wireless signals to any Wi-Fi compatible gadget. This way any technology can be utilized and internet can be used anywhere and anytime. This compels us to believe that since internet is available anywhere at any time hence, we can have an over-view of any technology or anything that is beyond our understanding and we can use it in seconds then.

Wifi technology

12) Social-Networks:

Social Networking is like a virtual interaction of people from around the world. People interact and share experiences. New things are being introduced and then critically viewed as good or bad. That interaction adds on to an exposure for what is running in the world and if that is good for us or not. Anything can be discussed with its repercussions over internet and finally can be polled as right or not. Many of the biggest revolutions are now a part of the world due to internet access and opinions through social platforms.

Social networking around the globe

13) Google:

Google is one of the many portals which give access to anything possible. Be it any part of life or routine Google has answer to almost everything. Google acts as a portal where a user reaches and types in their problems or questions. In matter of a milli-second, the user is able to get access to anything. Searching from our household problems to a advice on keeping relationships alive (ironically); from repairing our T.V.’s remote to repairing a giant car, Google will give off anything like an elder’s advice. Not just Google, but many we portals like Google do the same work and can be accessed easily if internet is available.

Google best search engine

14) E-learning:

Electronic learning is just beyond the typical school learning. Electronic learning is almost like reading books via internet or interacting via internet to your teacher or fellow students. Technology can work wonders if used appropriately, therefore, many companies utilize internet for learning processes. This is a real convenience for people who are unable to get out of their homes or have no access to the rest of the world. People just by sitting in their homes can do diplomas and even get degrees. This is major benchmark in the newest forms of learning.

E learning

15) Family Pressure or Exposure:

Charity begins at home; this is a clear exemplification of how a few important things can only instill within an individual if s/he is nurtured in a way that treats the future beautifully. For someone to belong to a family which is mentally not congested and allows change is a blessing in disguise. For an individual to motivate himself to adopt change and look forward to different horizons of success is as important for success as the success itself. Therefore, to endeavor technological use naturally it is pretty helpful if someone is nurtured in a way that instigates exposure to new things and adaption to new environments easily.

information technology resources

16) Transportation Facilities:

Transportation is a major bridge to cover gaps of no access. If a person is facilitated with transportation then s/he will be primarily less of the few big constraints that block learning and exposure. Hence, to be able to reach the world one must be able to have access to every place with a smooth transport.

Transportation facility

17) Residents of technologically exposed areas:

Being a resident of a place which is developed and technologically exposed is a true bliss. Countries like Pakistan are still developed and face a full fledge gap in introducing technologies which are already running in the world since decades. Smart Phones have just become a thing in Pakistan whereas they were there in the developed nations since decades. Moreover, computer got introduced way later than they were actually invented. To be in an area which is technologically fast and adapts to it is surely a way to be god at technology. Having said that, the coming generation is an epitome of technologically advanced batch. They are more exposed to technology than the previous generations were which also adds in to the ways anyone can be good at technology.

new technology resources

18) Technology Oriented Jobs:

For a person to work in a field which is technology oriented is also one way to be good at it. When someone is working with technology that is also one way that they get the perfect exposure to utilize resources and be efficient at it. When someone is working with machines and tackling it, it is almost like getting trained at it and also being paid. This way if someone is good at it, s/he will also be able to replicate it to their family and friends and also will distribute the required knowledge of the instrument with full course of pros and cons. This will also save time and be able to know more in less time. Technology oriented jobs also lets an individual to come out of the shell of conservation and know that is also playing a good role in today’s world. Such jobs also require less physics and more mental intelligence, which is pretty essential for every human being.

Technology Oriented Jobs

19) Education or Academia in Technology related field:

Beyond the stipulations and hurdles which stop technology access, an efficient way of coping with it is having education of machines or technology. If one really wants to be a pro at using tech and specialize in it, having an academic degree is no less of a solution. This can in turn help an individual to be able to replicate the studies in actual form and be able to know more about its perks.

Academia in Technology

20) Acknowledgement/Acceptance:

This will act as a resource because acceptance is as necessary as implementation. If a certain task is not acknowledged or accepted then it surely goes down the drain. To be able to accept change and apply it to your life is an example of being good at it. Similarly, if we our self will accept change and technology advancement then we will be able to adapt it skillfully and with valid circumstances. Acknowledgment should be the part of our regime. Criticism and acknowledgement are two wheels of a cycle. If both equally work well then surely the ride will be exciting and safe.

Acknowledgement Acceptance


These were just a few out of those many resources which make us more vulnerable to technological exposure and help us being good at it. If utilized well and with healthy measures then it can work wonders for everyone and let not just the household but the whole nation to flourish beyond the limits. Technology is the need of the hour, yet we need to be mindful of the fact that excess of everything is bad and we should it as much as is important for us and healthy for our lifestyle.


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