3 Office Gadgets That Increase Your Productivity

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3 Office Gadgets That Increase Your Productivity

Sitting at your office desk all day can get pretty mundane after some point. So, what do you do to make those last few work hours efficient with a few other projects to complete or review or prepare for the next-day meeting before clocking out for the day?

In fact, what to do to make your entire work day enjoyable and make it count? The obvious answer is – you’d get comfortable. 

Now, one would think that who could get comfortable in an office, whether at home or otherwise. But, it is possible with a bit of organization. A clean and organized desk can go a long way to increase your productivity and efficiency at work. And there are various cool office gadgets that can help people keep their workplace organized and help boost focus and productivity. 

Here are our top picks of devices that might help you stay focused and organized at work and increase your productivity. You can find some of them on our website – gadgetany with discounts that would be a great bang for your buck. 

Sunnyside solar-powered self-cooling/heating lunchbox

Food is the most important part of our life (or maybe the second after water). We need sustenance to keep working efficiently and give our 100%. That’s why people must leave their homes with a filled belly in the morning when they leave for work and take lunch breaks. However, sometimes it might not be possible because of millions of reasons such as – you slept in, the electricity went out, you ran late, you were busy, etc. So, in those cases, one usually grabs whatever is easiest to eat on the way – an apple, chocolate, or protein bar. Or, sometimes they might eat whatever is available in the office canteen. 

But what if you are too busy to do any of that? What if you also had to skip the lunch break and couldn’t go out for lunch? Of course, one can ask a colleague or a friend to grab something. Or, they can carry their food in a solar-powered self-cooling/heating lunchbox.

Yes, it would make you feel like you are back to school, carrying your lunch, but hands down, it is a great way to keep up your energy at work. And all it needs is a bit of sunlight to keep your food warm for you. 

Hence, you can pack your lunch the day before (or in the morning if you get some time) and enjoy a meal that feels like it’s just out of the oven or a pan. The innovative lunchbox wouldn’t even alter the taste of the food. 

Plus, it can also keep cold food cold, so you even pack your favorite dessert to eat at the office during breaks. Moreover, the solar-powered self-heating/cooling lunchbox is leakproof, so you don’t have to worry about spilling anything on the go. And on a single charge, you can use it seven times. Hence, have a fresh, tasty meal since a filled belly can help boost your focus and productivity at work. Bon appetit!

Meca 3-in-1 webcam

Nowadays, the world is slowly adopting a hybrid work environment, where some employees have to work from the office and others from home on some days. Hence, video conferencing has become quite significant for holding meetings or discussions related to a project.

However, a computer or laptop camera isn’t as good at clearly showing a person’s face, lacking quality. In addition, the microphones in the computer or laptop do not make your voice clear or mask the background noise.

Therefore, creating a clutter of overlapping voices during a video call, that’s pretty annoying when trying to have a meaningful conversation about work. But, a gadget like the Meca 3-in-1 webcam can overcome all these problems easily.

Moreover, it helps you maintain eye contact with the people on the other side of the screen (it is common knowledge that eye contact during a conversation carries a lot of weight). Hence, you almost feel you are having a face-to-face conversation during a video conference.

You can also adjust the brightness and color temperature of your video in the companion app of this device. Additionally, the Meca 3-in-1 webcam has a microphone that can cancel all the background noise and make your voice clear during a video call. 

Most importantly, it is easy to manage the data cables of this webcam. Hence you can avoid any clutter on your desk. And also, the Meca webcam can easily clip onto laptops or computers with double-sided tapes.

Furthermore, it is compatible with Windows and macOS systems and has USB-A and Type-C ports. Overall, the Meca 3-in-1 webcam is user-friendly with a printable design and can help increase your productivity at work.

Kolingsip hot beverage tumbler

People usually try to maintain their focus and concentration at work with coffee (or tea, for some). But, even if you got yourself a takeaway coffee or made one at the office if the cup is sitting at your desk while you work, the beverage could go cold.

Besides ruining your mood when you take a sip of cold coffee, having to get up to heat it could waste your time. Of course, people who like cold beverages wouldn’t mind that. But, for people who prefer hot coffee (or tea), how can they maintain the temperature of their drink without breaking their focus during work? Here’s your answer – with the Kolingsip hot beverage tumbler. 

The Kolingsip hot beverage tumbler maintains the temperature of a liquid for hours as it is a stainless steel vacuum-insulated product. Plus, it’s a tip-and-sip tumbler, so you can directly drink your beverage from it without needing a mug. In addition, the silicone cover on the aluminum lid can help you avoid burning your mouth when taking a sip of hot coffee (or tea).

Hence, you can take a sip from the tumbler without waiting for it to cool and lose the overall temperature of the rest of your drink. Plus, the Kolingsip hot beverage tumbler is a perfect office tech gadget which is also dishwasher safe and made of 100% recyclable material. Overall, it helps you immensely to keep up with work, stay focused, and enhance your efficiency at work. 

Oleap pilot – open-ear headphones

Like webcams, headphones have also become pretty essential in today’s workplace. People must have clear conversations during video calls to improve their work efficiency. And there are hundreds and hundreds of headphones or earphone choices at their disposal for this purpose.

They can choose any of them, but not all offer the same level of productivity and efficiency boost. Many headphones or earphones don’t have proper noise-canceling technology or microphones. 

Some can even hurt your ears if you wear them for a long time. Hence, having the best headphones or earphones for work-related calls is crucial. And Oleap pilot open-ear headphones are one of them.

Its patent VoiceOn ENC algorithm can eliminate environmental noises up to 50dB (decibel). Therefore, people on the other side of a video call hear your voice without any background noise. 

In addition, Oleap’s AI-powered deep learning technology helps you make clear calls. Hence, you can have efficient conversations without shouting at the office (or home). The Oleap pilot provides 10 hours of talk time on a single charge.

The open-ear headphones also offer vibration and headache-free comfort to users all day. It has three mics – two microphones on the sides that analyze the background sound to cancel the unwanted noise and the pickup microphone that accurately collects your voice and reproduces it clearly.

Furthermore, the Oleap headphones charge quickly with a type-C cable or charging stand (optional), giving you five hours of listening time with ten minutes of charging. It also auto-adapts the noise level according to the background noise, has the lowest sound leakage, and can simultaneously connect to two Bluetooth devices.

Lastly, it comes with a foldable and space-efficient carry case perfect for carrying around your headphones. All in all, it’s a great device to help increase productivity at the office.

Hope these tech gadgets for your workplaces will get you more comfort and help in increasing your productivity at the office.