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5 Assignments to Prepare for When Choosing A Business Major

5 Assignments to Prepare for When Choosing A Business Major

A business major teaches young people to create and manage a company. Graduates have knowledge and skills in accounting, finance, human and project management, marketing, legal and ethical aspects of business, etc. There are some tasks that most often appear in these specialties. This article will tell you about five types of assignments you need to be ready for when choosing a business major.


When we think of a businessperson, we imagine an individual in a suit. But not all businesspeople go to work every day in a suit. Most of them dress formally only for business meetings or presentations. At such events, new partnerships are created, or ideas and metrics are discussed. That is why the skill of creating high-quality presentations is required from specialists.

Almost every course has a presentation assignment. Sometimes, students have trouble with such tasks. In this case, one can ask the cheap essay writing service EssayPro to help them with their presentation. It’s very easy to create a good presentation based on a quality essay.

For a professional speaker, a presentation is only a tool. With its help, any listener should understand the topic better. A good presentation must include not only high-quality slides and tables but also the correct way of delivering information by the speaker. 

It is also necessary for the speaker to be ready to answer all kinds of questions related to the topic of the report. Business graduates will be proficient in these skills thanks to a large number of these types of assignments.


When you run a business, the main task is the timely analysis of the market and the correct adjustment of your company to it. That means that creating and processing data will become a fundamental part of a manager’s job.

Research is the most popular assignment in a business major. Students will need to explore different metrics in every subject. The major will present a variety of research assignments, ranging from market research to potential competitor analysis. This type of task will help students develop the skill of searching and analyzing information to the maximum. Also, this skill is super useful in everyday life and is sure to come in handy for any person.

Project Management

Many assignments can help a student build their corporation. However, the most useful and important assignment will be the task of planning and managing a business. In such tasks, students will need to manage the simulation of the project based on the gained knowledge and comments of scientific advisers.

A successful entrepreneur creates and runs a company based on the data collected during research. By analyzing all aspects of the industry, one creates a plan according to which their business will develop. 

Planning is a complex process that consists of dozens of different parts. At the stage of creation, it is necessary to think over the work of hundreds of mechanisms. At the same time, it is necessary to logically and effectively link them into one integral system.

But the creation of a work plan is only a third of the entire management project. The execution of the plan remains the key element. It doesn’t matter how good the plan is if the execution is bad. 

At the production stage, it is necessary to react on time to what is happening. Finding the right solution to a sudden problem will be possible only if you recognize a problem in time. Regular monitoring of all processes will allow the specialist to detect the difficulty earlier.

You also need to collect data about your work. It is important to analyze not only the market or competitors but also your own indicators. Only based on the collected data will it be possible to improve production and grow the business.

Assignments With Numbers and Tables

On subjects such as statistics, accounting, and finance, there will be many tasks related to numbers and tables. For those who are not good at math, some of the problems can be difficult at first. 

The ability to focus is the first thing a beginner should learn. Full focus and patience will help you understand the main algorithms and learn how to solve this task more efficiently. A special look is formed with practice, which allows you to handle numbers and tables easily.

The specific objectives of the assignments will vary from one subject to another. In statistics, students will be taught how to work with large amounts of data. In accounting and finance courses, the emphasis will shift towards finding specific metrics based on the collected data. The goal will also be to draw conclusions based on the information. 

In any case, all managers and directors are obliged to know the basics of working with numbers. They need it to make successful decisions in their business.

Teamwork Projects

There is no such business in which the manager does not have to interact with people. Depending on the type of business, you need to communicate more or less with clients, partners, or colleagues. Students are constantly forced to work in teams to improve professional social interactions.

Usually, it is some kind of project. In this type of assignment, each member of the group plays an important role. First, they have to interact with each other as if they were a real company. Second, they try to accomplish the task that is set before them by the professor. An exceptional feature of this task is that it allows one to assess not only the team result but also the effectiveness of each participant.

Final Words

The business major provides the knowledge needed to create your own business or become a leader in a large company. The assignments listed above reflect the most popular types of work in this sphere. Thus, it would be best if you prepared for them in advance: learn how to research effectively, manage your time, become a team player, and use helpful tools to ensure future success.