5 Awesome Corporate Gift Ideas That Every Entrepreneur Should Know About

5 Awesome Corporate Gift Ideas That Every Entrepreneur Should Know About

When looking for unique corporate gift ideas for your clients and customers you want gifts that they will appreciate and that will not be either sent to the thrift store or landfill within weeks. As an entrepreneur, you will want gender-neutral corporate gifts that are both original and thoughtful, which will be gifts that are appreciated and admired.


Bouquets are a common corporate gift for almost every occasion, but these end up in the compost bin within a fortnight. For a gift that is kind to your client and to the planet, have a potted plant delivered to their door for a long-lasting gift they can enjoy daily.

Gift a bowl of cactus plants for those without green fingers and bring life to the space in which they live. If you want to free your client from any responsibility to keep a plant alive, consider a gold dipped rose, picked at the peak of perfection and covered in 24 karat gold.  This is a beautiful piece of décor that will last a lifetime. For the holidays, you could gift a Norfolk Pine as the tree will add a festive spirit with its aroma.

Customised gifts

Customised gifts should be stylish and of good quality. You can customise practical gifts such as a device that will help your client track lost keys or a misplaced wallet. You could personalise a piece of technology with a custom design to make it extra special. 

The product that you customise could be related to your business. If you are a sommelier, a stylish wine tote is a classy way to take a couple of bottles of wine to an event. Other ideas include a personalised box of cookies if you are a baker or become known as a device-charging hero with your gift of a power bank that will rescue those whose gadgets run low on battery.

Curated gift boxes

Curated gift boxes with delicious treats and other thoughtful gifts are popular with customers, clients and employees. There are a number of businesses that put together premium gift boxes, which makes these an easy yet thoughtful gift from an entrepreneur. Whilst this can be an easy and inexpensive corporate gift, it is one that is very much appreciated.

Experience gifts can challenge your clients or indulge their passions.  These will form positive memories that will be associated with your company forever. Let your customers and clients choose from a range of experiences so that they can choose something that is relevant to them now and which they can share with others. This should include in-home options as well as outdoor adventures which takes into consideration the ‘new normal’ world we are living in. This could be an at-home online cycle workout or VR gaming experience or a professional photo shoot or a top-notch spa package.

Aid-based gift-giving

Corporate gifts can also be aid-based packages that help and support different causes.  Select a cause that you know is dear to your client or customer and send your support on their behalf.  There are so many good causes that your gift could be supporting animal rescue, or it could be a loan to start a business that could help a family thrive in years to come, or pay for a mobile library or education within a refugee camp. These gifts are not only inspirational, they show that even small gestures have the power to change lives.

Unexpected gifts

Choosing gifts for those who appear to have everything, is a real challenge. In these circumstances look for a company that has a great reputation for unusual, unexpected gifts that will both surprise and excite your recipient.

Some ideas include creating a personalised lego figure for them. For those in high-pressured environments, a small white-noise machine will help with relaxation. For those with international clients, a portable translator able to speak and understand several different languages could improve accessibility. You could gift a smartphone projector for those who like to experiment with gadgets. With advances in technology happening daily, you are sure to find an improved piece of kit that will add benefit to their life.

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