5 Dating Apps For People Who Want A Little More than Dating

5 Dating Apps For People Who Want a Little More than Dating

Many people associate dating casually with solely hooking up with others with no strings attached in this contemporary world. It has become very acceptable not to want to be in a faithful relationship until you’re ready for it.

Maybe you do not want to be committed at all, and that’s fine too.

This burst of casual rendezvous has also driven a meaningful increase in dating apps specifically created for hookups. As a result, today, it is easier than ever to get a casual partner and meet up for some great time.

Yet, from the sea of dating apps, it can be difficult to recognize the ones deserving of your time.

Some of them are not intended for this kind of dating, while others just do not work.

But do not worry; we will talk about apps that work great for hookups and casual dating.

What makes a dating app great for hookups?

Wondering why dating apps have made the hookup culture easier? Basically, you get to keep things as anonymous as possible.

Hookups can be like taking a nameless person home from the bar or as romantic as making sure that the person getting to see you in your birthday suit does not have the world’s poorest sense of humor.

The latter case is particularly helpful for setting up routine friends with benefits.

Though several dating apps make it clear that people seek something special, people on more normalized apps can circumvent a lot of chaos if a head’s up about intentions is provided within the first few direct messages.

You need an app that bypasses the minutes-long questionnaire about romance and possible families. However, you need an app with a lot of space to display what you are searching for—and maybe turn some people on with your great sense of humor.

Photos are a big help for hookups. Some dating sites and apps disclose people’s photos unless you have a paid subscription, and no one really appreciates that—for physical attraction and safety reasons. Apps that display someone’s full profile is what we all want.

Whether you want to pay for a hookup app or not is completely up to you, but we will say Hinge and Tinder have excellent free versions of the app. So you are likely to find a hookup by the weekend, and you do not even need to pay anything for it.

Kink D

A kink is widely defined as a desire or acts far beyond the broadly accepted normal concepts of vanilla sexual practices.

There are many elements that fall inside the realm of kinks.

Even though many people today would say they have dabbled in some kind of BDSM play, there is still some social stigma and shame for seeking adventure within and outside the bedroom.

Therefore, if you’re someone looking for something more than just a normal hookup, there are apps where your kinks will be accepted.

Kink D is a popular kink dating app geared toward the fetish community. It is an extremely sex-positive space for anyone looking to explore. Whether you are into niche fetishes or BDSM, chances are, you will find a willing partner on this app.

It is free to download, has a user-friendly interface, and can help you connect with singles looking for the same things as you.


Down was originally created as a casual dating app for Facebook.

In other words, it was created to assist you in matching confidentially with your Facebook friends. However, policy reforms in Facebook made it difficult for this to work.

The challenge motivated the developers to move in another direction and build an app that is a lot like Tinder. After establishing a profile, you swipe profiles and talk with your matches.

The swiping makes it so fun and easy to use—you can choose from three ways of swiping: Hookup, Date or Ignore.

The app is completely free, but it can take some time to find a match you will like. 


Sometimes a hookup involves more than two people, but finding people who are willing for a threesome is not always the most straightforward task. Do not be that idiot who goes on a dating app and matches with someone to later expose your intentions of getting a third.

Feeld is where every person on the app is on the same page about what they are seeking.

It is an open-minded community that enables you to select from over twenty gender and sexual identities, match your profile with your partner’s, post about your desires, and make group chats.

So essentially, you will be ready to narrow down precisely what you are looking for.

The app is sex-positive without resembling a computer virus popup. You can sign up for Feeld as a single or as a couple to practice consensual polyamory (AKA, people willingly engaging in non-monogamous relationships rather than people slyly cheating on their partners).

Feeld is free but has a paid Majestic membership with premium features such as viewing people who liked you and sharing intimate photos.


OkCupid is one app that allows many things, and one of those is hooking up. It is a sizable LGBTQ+ community that can be utilized by straight people as well. However, it has a community that tends to the left. Presently, OkCupid has more than 50 million members.

Even though the app has a bonus profile, you can utilize pretty much all the basic features with the free version. For example, you can send messages, window-shop member profiles, and apply the search feature with the unpaid version.


Whiplr is another great app for kinks. The app’s name is exactly what the app does, and we agree this is quite clever.

You get precisely what you signed up for. But once you sign up, users are allowed to select from a list of more than 230 kinks that they can add to their profile.

The app’s free version also features video, call, and chat elements, similar to what you might experience on a more conventional dating app.

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