5 Important Things To Look For When Buying Hex Dumbbells

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5 important things to look for when buying hex dumbbells

Increasing your body’s strength for performing daily activities or different exercises is necessary. When we talk about improving the body’s power, it includes gaining muscle mass, improving stamina and overall health.

How will you engage yourself in different workouts if you don’t have any of these? Here, Hex dumbbells come to the rescue.

If you’re a student or an employee and don’t have much time to go to the gym, you can treat your body with the dumbbells at home.

It’s a one-time investment and will be worth it. In addition to this, you can perform different exercises with the dumbbells too. They include;

  • Bench Press
  • Bicep Curl
  • Upright Row
  • Lateral Fly
  • Shoulder Press
  • Triceps Kickback

Dumbbells are free weight having short bars with weights on each end. They are made to strengthen and tone the muscles. These are valuable pieces of gym equipment that help your muscles gain mass and increase your body’s strength.

There are a plethora of dumbbells available on the market. They come in different types and sizes and are made of plastic, cast iron, etc. You have got to have them if you’re serious about building biceps. However, before you buy them, there are a few things to ponder.

In this article, you will know about some notable benefits of this gym equipment and things to consider when buying them.

Benefits of Hex Dumbbells

Here are some of the exceptional benefits offered by dumbbells.

  1. Improves Bone Health

Dumbbells for exercise are one of the best ways to grow your bone mass. It offers a free hand movement exercise which causes your bones to grow thicker. Not to mention, it’s very beneficial for older adults.

When they work out using dumbbells, regardless of the weight they lift, their bone mass grows and prevents them from injuries. In addition, using this gym equipment also prevents them from the risk of osteoporosis.

  1. Aids in Weight Loss

Since obesity has many health-related risks, it is good to use dumbbells for those who want to maintain their weight or shed some pounds. There’s no specific spot for dumbbells in the body to lose weight, but they help to reduce overall weight.

According to the Natural Volatiles & Essential Oils Journal, they conducted dumbbell training among obese individuals. After a ten-week training, the effect of dumbbell exercise on weight loss and appetite hormone i-e ghrelin, showed a significant difference.

  1. Helps to Perform Some Exercises Safely

Some exercises are safe to perform with dumbbells. Suppose you do lunges using dumbbells and somehow lose control; you can toss away the equipment instantly. However, it depends upon the weight you’re lifting.

If you raise weight more than your body can handle, it will surely make you lose your balance. So, be careful of choosing the weights; besides that, it’s excellent gym equipment to practise at home.

  1. Increases the Muscle Growth

Did you know that the heavier/ bigger the muscles, the greater will be the strength? According to research, dumbbells enhance muscle growth due to muscle activation and range of motion.

Muscle activation happens when you try to target a specific muscle. When you lift the dumbbells, the body utilizes other muscles to balance the weight. For that, you can take the example of tightening the abdominal muscles while training the biceps or triceps.

The great range of motion refers to the free movement of arms. When you use the DMoose Hex Dumbbells, you can target the right muscles and gain the perfect strength with the right size muscles.

  1. Improves the Heart Health

Since using dumbbells falls under resistance training, they help to build lean muscle mass and burn fat. Lifting weights enables you to prevent heart diseases and stroke. 

According to research, resistance training is beneficial for individuals with and without cardiovascular disease. Those who are cardiac patients, it improves their heart health while preventing healthy individuals from getting heart disease.

Buying Hex Dumbbells

Following are the crucial aspects to consider when buying Hex Dumbbells.

  1. Materials

Dumbbells come in various textures and colours; some people go after the visually appealing ones. They may go for the ones with a velvety texture and aesthetically appealing colours without knowing the after-effects.

Such dumbbells are hard to handle due to the sweat on your hands during a workout. If you lose the balance, they may fall off your hands, and you may get hurt. That said, go for the ones made of chrome, bare and rubberized metal. You’ll find them easy and helpful to carry.

  1. Shape

You will find the dumbbells in two shapes, i-e, round and hexagonal. Before you pick one of them, know that safety is more important than what visually appeals to you.

So, the round dumbbells offer a good grip, while the hexagonal ones do not roll easily. With hexagonal dumbbells, there’s no fear of them moving to the other side and causing you injury.

  1. Grip

When picking up the right dumbbell, the safety concern comes first. You sweat when you work out with dumbbells, and you would never want to lose your grip on them.

If you do so, they will fall, and you will face an injury. If you want a firmer grip on the equipment, go for the ones with engraved metal so that you can hold them better.

  1. Weight

If you are new to using dumbbells, go for the light weights. You’ll have ease in lifting the lighter weights as a beginner. Once you have learned the art of using dumbbells, you can move to the heavyweights.

  1. Price

The budget is the main point to ponder. There are multiple brands out there offering a variety of dumbbells at different prices. So, go for the ones which are pocket-friendly. Among other brands, DMoose offers the best dumbbells at reasonable prices.

So, material, shape, grip, weight, and price are the top 5 things to consider when buying Hex dumbbells.


Dumbbells are the go-to equipment for those who want more muscular biceps and heavy muscles. You can perform several exercises with them at home and at the gym.

They are easy to carry and offer free hand movements, which lead to increasing bone mass, and improving heart health, with few other benefits. Further, they come in various forms, materials, weights, and prices, making it easier for you to pick the right ones.

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