5 Ways To Convince Your Boss That Traveling Is Important

5 Ways To Convince Your Boss That Traveling Is Important

Business is all about making money, means you invest one dollar, but it is logical and rational to expect 100 dollars in business! Right, isn’t? But if you have to convince your supervisor that he must provide your business tickets to roam the virgin cities, and fulfill the urge of traveling world on behalf of your company, it will become a back-breaking task to manipulate a business making mind to spend few extra bucks over you?

In such situation, you might have to brush out few tactics to convince your boss that the net profit will always be grand than total trip’s cost!

Meeting In Person Is Required:

In recent years, technology has advanced to such extent that you can contact a person sitting in deep oceans, for which you all just need is internet! But when it is the matter of trusting someone with your master resources or money, you may need to meet the party in person.

Developing trust between two different parties is not rocket science, but it is a traditional way of forming trust with people, meeting them face to face. And if the purpose is to target new companies for expanding your business, you must have the budget of a trip, which will fall in the benefit of you and another party, which cannot be done via emails or Skype.

Business Relationships Must Be Pampered:

This may sound ironic that why a business person would be needing affection and attention in person when his die-hard objective is to make money and nothing else. But it is so important to understand the fact that meeting in person with your partners is always crucial for future projects, and building the trust bond more strong so they could trust you like married couples.

We must acknowledge the fact the business is not trading of resources, no matter in which industry we are working, it is always people business that demands to renew trust bonds with time! All the critical elements which are high-powered for making any business a big hit is, pampering trust bond and promoting the sense of shared mission, which can always be achieved through travel, meeting people in person for productive conservation.

Keep The Business Trips Short

The first rule in manipulating your supervisor should be marking out the clear purpose of traveling that is meeting your clients and partners in person. After the basic point, the question raises of investing money, for which it is ideal to keep your trip short, so the company can think of investing in your trip, seeking current and future projects to boom. While convincing your boss that travel is important for company’s business, always focus on cutting the extra expenses on the first-class ticket, luxurious hotel rooms and fine dining in elite restaurants which actually puts off your boss for sponsoring your trip. Just be sure of the idea that makes him satisfied that you are under his command, sacrificing your home comforts and willing to contribute your best effort for capturing the attention of his business clients.

Aim The Conferences:

Bringing the urge of traveling on company’s expenses to success is just mapping out the maximum benefit to business in front of your boss. And this point may hit the goal in a snap, for which you all have to do is pick the right place where trade shows or business conferences are held. Attending the conferences far away from your hometown will benefit your travel urge and company’s promotion in such a way that, for promoting new offers and ideas, the IT and finance department spend buckets of money in advertisements.

But in such scenario, there are still 99% chances of getting NO answer in phone calls or emails while asking clients to put investments blindly. On the other hand, during conferences, presenting your company and making face-to-face meetings will always form a positive business bond, as the new customers judge you through a critical form of communication i.e. body language. So, all we are talking about is too look for a perfect place of conference, and ask your boss for marketing new business schemes and ideas doing the productive collaboration that cannot be done traveling to that specific conference!

Build Brother-Bond With Colleagues:

Alright, this technique will help you to achieve the approval of boss for business trip and travel, if you are working with a big company. Choose your buddy; with whom you want to travel the world, and convince your supervisor that working in teams never go in vain! Working day and night for monthly salary make employees bore and unconcerned in business promotions, but the traveling opportunities to represent your business generate grand revenues for businesses.

Apart from making money, traveling on the behalf of company’s expense push the workers to excel in their work and build the sense of affection for colleagues as you compete with rival parties instead of pulling each other’s leg.


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