5 Ways You Can Boost Productivity At Home

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5 Ways You Can Boost Productivity At Home

For decades, millions of people have desired a way to work from home instead of having to wear the same uncomfortable outfit each day at the office.

Well, that desire became true for pretty much everybody; one of the effects of the COVID pandemic was that businesses started sending workers to their homes where they could manage their tasks while practicing safe distancing.  

But what many people have learned is that working from home is not as simple as it looks.  Sure, wearing your pajamas is great, but the situation also comes with plenty of distractions that can take a toll on your productivity and keep your head spinning.

Working everyday from work can be a complicated situation, often leading to stress outside the bounds of work, and exhaustion.

Things can get even more complicated if you have children as they still need your attention, so it’s better to integrate tools and strategies that will help us make good use of our time both for working and for resting. 

Here are some tips that might help you make the most out of your work time.

Use the Right Communication Tools

Technology has advanced quite a lot in the past decades, and now we use different tools and apps in our everyday lives, which help us communicate better. 

Choosing the right communication tools in this context is very important, it will make your life easier and help you communicate with your boss and team more effectively.  

For example, instead of depending on a fax machine, businesses can integrate digital faxing, cutting the time it takes to send and receive sensitive documents, and making it easier to read on a screen. Thanks to a Google fax number, you can send and receive faxes straight from Gmail.

Another great tool is a time schedule app. 

There are plenty to choose from and they help you keep track of tasks in real time, some can even let you link to other users for some serious teamwork collaboration.

Choose Food that Keeps you Focused

Sugar cravings can be a productivity killer at work.  Sometimes they appear in the middle of the day, it is something that happens to most of us, and the stress makes it easy to pick up anything to eat. 

However, that is a huge mistake. We should be mindful of what we are eating and pick something that helps us keep going instead of going the lethargic path. For example instead of grabbing a soda, get a smart drink or a natural fruit juice and instead of sugar, sweeten it with stevia.

The right combination will aid you in keeping focus until the end of your workday. Always prefer fruits and vegetables over sugary snacks.

Block Electronic Distractions

To have more time, it is essential that we remove all the distractions in your work area.  Sometimes it’s not enough to keep the room clean and tidy, because we still have distractions popping up in our phone and computer screens.

If the temptation to check Facebook or Tiktok is too strong, we would advise you to block your access to non work-related social websites for the rest of your workday. 

Sign out from all the accounts, and make sure you also turn off notifications on your phone.  You can rest assured you’ll still be reachable via phone or messaging.

Have a Good Work Environment

There are times when you need to have a complete focus on your work, and for this purpose you need to “set the stage” before you actually start working. 

Make sure your table and office space don’t have distractions, including “comfort distractions”. This means investing on an ergonomic chair that will help you work hours without taking a toll on your vertebral spine.

Clean your table and keep all the papers and tools you need in an organized fashion. Yes, chaos can be creative, but there’s a point where it is 100% distraction, it all depends on your line of work.

Be Realistic with Your Goals and Track Time

Long term goals are great, but if we don’t have clear what tasks we need to do on a daily basis, we’ll just end up wasting valuable time.  Get in the habit of setting small daily objectives, just make sure you write them down the night before. 

It doesn’t need to be a big list, but this is a great hack that will seemingly do magic.  Don’t believe me? Try it yourself and you’ll see that your head is clear to tackle any emergencies throughout the day.

What’s even better, completing small goals will give you the momentum to keep going. There’s something about how the mind works when it perceives we have completed a task.

After you’ve completed your list, add a check and keep going.  It’s a great way to start your day feeling motivated and keep that feeling for a few hours.

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