7 Ways to be a better leader than others

7 Ways to be a better leader than others

Becoming a leader comes along with a lot of responsibilities. It is said that with great power comes with great responsibilities but it is surprisingly opposite, with great responsibilities comes with great power. For a leader has to deal with several issues and solve them smartly, creating an example for the team.

When there are several expectations to a person who is in charge and manager of the team, it never goes as the expectation as first and those mistakes are self-learning but in this time where success is in the fast pace. Mistakes should be avoided.

However, no one can be perfect and there is always room to learn and understand your mistakes. For a great Leader mistakes aren’t just mistakes but also lesson but to know how to implement the correct problem solving and understand where did the leader can go wrong.

Don’t let your Ego go to your head.

When you are held in a position of power, the ego gas can expand in your head easily but it is important that people who are working for you are not that much different from you. A great leader must not be afraid to recognize their own mistakes or failures. There are times when Leader would fall and it wouldn’t matter as much what made them fallen down, the most important part for the leader is to learn from mistakes and pick yourself up.

With employee and teammates, it is natural, failure might occur, the leader is supposed to provide a solution and be confident about it.

Avoid Drama and Conflicts in Business.

Avoiding arguments in the line of business is most difficult for a new leader. For Leader, it is important to handle issues and conflict. The leader needs to be fair and balanced while avoiding or favoring the conflicts. It is a possible but difficult swell.

For new Leader, they often ignore the problems and avoids the confrontation and make it a mission to keep it in ignorance. It is considered Leader mistake to do it rather than people who are creating issues. When leader proves that these issues that these can resolve before it gets out of hand. The leader is more appreciated and recognized for his work.

One of a useful method is that leader can create an environment that encourages feedback and make a positive outcome out of it.

Not being able to say No to unnecessary work.

A leader is mostly hired and promoted to the better position because they know what exactly needs to be done and how to execute it. This would be accompanied by the mental mindset of if want something done right, do it yourself which is a stubborn attitude to have when managing a team.

Doing your employee’s work because it wasn’t the way you wanted is considered distractive and delegating a task. It not only creates more work for you but also discourages your employees or teammates to reach their own full potential.

When leader focus in all of his employee’s work. He is not only taking total responsibilities and do a disservice. Talented and skill employee may bring 75 percent of the task done, thinking that the other 25 percent would be done by the Leader.

As a result, the performance of the task moves to the wrong direction and starts taking more work for the team.

For a leader, it is also important to exceed expectations and do more than satisfactory work but it is the important job for the leader to not take work of others but help deal with the results and provide the process what it needs.

Not Believing in Yourself.

When you are assigned as a leader it is based on capabilities that someone else trusts your judgment. As a leader, it is important to know that you can’t second-guess yourself on maybe’s and what if’s and if you are making this mistake repeat on repeat.

There’s a great chance as a leader you may lose your employees trust. It is important for a leader to believe in their decisions and obey your instincts.

In the business world, it is important to listen to others, your employee, and clients but at times this can be very risky for new innovative startups. For leaders, it is important to believe in themselves and learn from mistakes. It is a great thing to listen to others but a leader should know what’s best for business.

Acceptability and adaptive to New ways.

It is important for leaders to involve themselves in new concepts and ideas. In this world where most of the Business relies on Technology. Leaders have no choice and accept these changes and understand how much it can bring a change in your company.

The leader should identify these roles and train their employee’s new skill and help them to grow through these transformations. By being honest with the team, the team would be able to deal with newer concept easily.

Not able to define your innovation.

Every business now wants to be defined as diverse and different from others. As a leader, the business you are bringing should define what is different about it and what do you want to show it as and what obstacles your company can go through.

Innovation always needs to be taken care of, it should clear expectation. Innovation in your company should make the team stay focused which allows you to test new things in future. The leader should also appreciate what their employees can bring their creativity and not to discourage their creativity.

Lacking Vision.

A company can’t last without a vision. As a leader, it is the responsibility to set expectations and goal for their company. Lacking vision will result in unfocused projects, a distractive way for success and less approach for the clients. Leadership should have a vision of champion that aligns the organization altogether.


An Entrepreneur and a motivational speaker, teaches business communication in a reputed college.

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