8 Successful Tips To Increase Twitter Followers in 2022

8 Successful Tips To Increase Twitter Followers in 2022

There is no doubt the power of social media rules the world today. With our 8 successful tips to increase Twitter followers in 2022, whether it is political, personal or commercial, users can rest assured they will optimize their Twitter following and usage.

Twitter is fun. If anyone wants any testament to this claim, they can simply look in the news for Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX. Twitter has been used for many efficient purposes such as political and commercial.

With Twitter boasting more than 1.3 billion accounts, its reach and power is impregnable. The former president of the United States of America, Donald Trump demonstrated full use of Twitter before and during his tenure, as well.

This power of Twitter doesn’t mean it will not be daunting for new users or new starters. Businesses, personal users, activists, and artists all ensure they get their message heard and their followers appreciate the personal touch.

To help navigate such alien waters, we have compiled a list of 8 successful tips to increase Twitter followers in 2022. With uncertainty prevailing high and strong globally, it becomes more necessary to gauge the global machine’s fuel and act accordingly. 

What Needs To Be Done?

Twitter has above 326 million monthly accounts which are active, globally. It also claims its platform has 500 million tweets published on a 24-hour basis. This is simply amazing coming from a single platform that was in rough waters, recently. 

To start out, an initiator will first need to plan how to touch this huge market. Gaining followers comes as a net result of this strategy, and a good landing profile page always turns on the charm. 

As it is a social platform, social activity is also vital. Visibility on various pages such as on influencers, tagging other notable personalities, using relevant hashtags (a prominent Twitter feature), and retweeting along with tweeting original content will always help.

Gaining the support of media for promotional purposes is also seen today being used to great effect. 

This article will explore all of the abovementioned ways along with many more to create a holistic path for aspiring starters so that they may increase their Twitter following. 

Without further ado, let’s dive straight in.

1. Relating Useful Content to Current Affairs 2022

Most people love to participate in discussions and always find the material that they want to read. It does not matter if you are using your account for sales, marketing, or current affairs, you have to be concerned about little things such as if your content really attracts the majority or does it gives enough value.

On Twitter, there’s an easy option to find what people are interested in. You can use Twitter Analytics to discover what the whole community responds to. If most of the audience connects with it, then it can get enough reach.

Twitter has recently introduced an option “Happening Now” which keeps people updated on the topic of current events around the World. You can simply take part in conversations that are trending.

2. Posting Visual Content

One of the most important factors when it comes to increasing followers on Twitter is content that looks appealing. Sharing content that is visual can engage more people to follow your content.

Because textual postings merely do not stand out, people get attracted to the content that looks appealing, so always make sure to use visuals, as information with relevant photos receives 94% more attention than content that does not.

You can even use visuals to make your content more relevant. Highly interactive material is viewed as more popular by social media networks.

3. Tweet Trending Topics Consistently

Whether it is April Fool’s or it is a national or a cultural holiday, it is imperative to be relatable and consistent in 2022’s world. It can be a #Easter or #WorldSleepDay to upcoming sports events or celebrity events, tweeting trending topics means addressing what the world and your followers are interested in.

Simply googling or looking in a calendar can give insights into what topics or days are upcoming for trends. Anticipating events and emphasizing on quality rather than quantity will definitely make the tweet stand out. 

4. Followers Campaign

Current SEO mechanics quickly catch whether followers and content admirers are organic or artificial. In order to drive more organic traffic to your Twitter page, one must advise which plenty of people ignore is to run a followers campaign.

Also mentioned on the Twitter website, a followers campaign can enable you to “promote your account to a targeted audience, and you’ll only pay when someone follows you after seeing your ad.”

A spend towards meaningful results is always a buck spent wisely. Concise and targeted campaigns always work better than longer and dragging ones. This can enable a consistent stream of traffic and organic followers to your campaign page.

It should be kept in mind that a followers campaign is all about experience and innovation along with experimentation. Return on investment may take some time, so be patient and work your way around while starting out. 

5. The Great Power of Hashtags

The SEO of Twitter is a hashtag. Hashtags are the way to navigate around Twitter when it comes to current affairs and trending topics. In order for your tweet or content to stand out and be searchable amongst the sea of other tweets, easy and searchable hashtags are important. 

It is found in every research that hashtags are a magnet when it comes to Twitter follower engagement. A typical tweet without a hashtag will probably receive less traffic than the one consisting of it. 

Creating a hashtag can be tricky and confusing. Plenty of times, there are trending hashtags and you would want to piggyback on them. Other times, you will need to create one so that your content becomes searchable. 

Industry hashtags are a quick way to promote a product or a service. A professional tweet will work wonders if it has an industry hashtag such as #SupplyChain.

Keep in mind that people relate more to humane elements rather than robotic ones. This means a certain level of personality in your hashtags is also important. 

A major mistake early starters in the field make is to jump ship when using hashtags. Control the use of intelligent hashtags and avoid giving an impression of spamming your content. A couple of hashtags would suffice versus an army of tags. 

After some time, you can also utilize the power of Twitter analytics to gauge which hashtags are generating more traffic and attention. This can enable you to strategize your approach and work on your content to provide more meaningful and top-of-the-list performing tags. 

6. The Subtle Art of Tweeting, Retweeting, Replying and Tagging

This art is a double-edged sword. It should be used very delicately so that you may not look like a jack-of-all. This means the amount of time spent on Twitter should be efficient and should also be optimally utilized.

Optimizing engagement is a combination of many things. Some tools are provided by Twitter such as scheduling tweets, and others should be done by yourself. Keep in mind you always want your page to be looking human rather than being run by a bot. 

This means getting involved with your followers and your industry. If you are on a commercial basis, then you should be in it with your customers and the industry. If you are an artist, then you should know where your followers are spending their time. 

Replying to tweets and retweeting simply shows respect to other fellow members. It also shows you are an active member of the platform and are interested in what you say, and not simply in it for some material purpose. 

In order to do so, it is again emphasized to keep personality to your replies. A humane and educated response will always work wonders rather than a robotic, monotone automated one. 

Always tag relevant names wherever possible. This shows you not only respect and compliment others, but you also have limitations. Remember: you are a master of one, not a jack of all. 

To further show you participate regularly and genuinely care about your fans and followers, retweeting them is a great gesture. Not only does it show your caring side, but it also shows you value communicating with them and really value their participation on your thread. 

Small steps gel together to make giant leaps of getting you genuine, organic followers. 

7. Twitter Lists 

A largely underrated tool but Twitter lists is a very effective engagement tool on Twitter if you know how to use it.

Very soon enough, you will find you are being overwhelmed by the sheer content you are creating, following, chatting with, engaging, and simply browsing. 

Segmenting your followers can prove to be the pill you were looking for. This way, you can prioritize and engage with who you want and with who is relevant. And, it is up to the user how he creates the groups he wants.

Whether it is competitors, customers, retweets, partners, influencers, prospects, chat participants, etc., your Twitter list can make sure you categorize and prioritize your engagement strategy.

Implementing on high-priority points will be more fruitful rather than being overwhelmed with a terrain of unorganized baggage. It is important to interact with relevant people so that your followers also are more relevant to you.

8. Testing Whatever you Tweet

The last thing you would want is to test whatever you do. Experiment and see the results. Check out which formatting resonates with your followers, which visuals attract traffic and which content does the trick. 

Twitter analytics can show you a detailed view of all the engagement on every tweet of yours so that you may focus on what works best for you. Insights from here will help gauge which tests worked for you.

As not everything posted will work, there will be plenty of traffic who will be exposed to the content you post for the first time. So remember, don’t be afraid to try new things and experiment. An innovation a day will direct more traffic your way. 

Figuring Out the Right Mix for you

This finishes the list but the sea has just been tapped. Mix and match the above listed points to utilize your strategy and gauge what works for you in getting followers. 

2022 is the year for uncertain events. And such events require innovative solutions. 

Twitter is the platform to enable you to showcase your content and gather an organic and true following for your brand and/or service. Just have the right pieces at your disposal so that your content is of the topmost quality and resonates with a wider audience.