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The company El Distro Network is a talent platform which aims to offer a supporting craft for all of the future singers. The company facilitates in through following services, mixing and mastering, music marketing, distribution, Video, and graphic design, publishing administration, neighboring rights and cater in many other ways regarding music

El Distro, A music Promotional Agency: Harmonizes The Dreams Of Youngsters & Delivers A Waving Flag Of Fame

Whenever we talk about music, it always creates a frame of fame and our mind clicks all of the popular singers with worldwide success….

The Common Challenges Faced By Women Entrepreneurs

The Common Challenges Faced By Women Entrepreneurs!

From managing cash to promoting new products in the market, entrepreneurs have to prevail over many obstacles to pull off the realization of their…

Sergey Brin - The Role of Entrepreneurship

The Role of Entrepreneurship in Technological Development

Role of Entrepreneurship In the 20th century, technological development is on its peak. Things such as smartphones and tablet-cum-laptops, which didn’t even exist 15…

Jorge Paredes

Jorge Paredes, A Passionate Entrepreneur

We welcome Jorge Paredes for having an interview with us. Jorge is currently an event project manager at SAT Mexico DMC where…

Alessandro Rocco Pietrocola CEO Of Astorts Group

Alessandro Rocco Pietrocola, CEO Of Astorts Group

An exclusive interview with Ceo of Astorts Group “Alessandro Rocco Pietrocola” who is a dynamic and versatile entrepreneur from London. Tell…

Gianmario De Simone, CEO and founder of QIQI MART

Gianmario De Simone, CEO and founder of QIQI MART

Today we are together with the CEO and founder of QIQI MART, Gianmario De Simone, Italian 33 years who see in…

Unusual Business Ideas That Reshaped 2018 Market Trends

Unusual business ideas that reshaped 2018 market trends

In essence, entrepreneurs need ideas to start and expand their businesses. The development of ideas is an innovative and creative process. Sometimes,…


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Garett Polanco, Chief Investment Officer

Garett Polanco, Chief Investment Officer

Guess who is taking the guest seat today? A proud and confident Garett Polanco – Chief Investment Officer, who faced challenges bravely…

Cosmea Gardens

Konstantinos Patsalos, Operation Manager Of Cosmea Gardens

Exclusive interview with Konstantinos Patsalos, Operation Manager at Cosmea Gardens. A company offers a variety of fresh flowers in Cyprus and surrounding areas….