A Leap of Faith: The Story of Filmmaker Carlos Vargas Matiz

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Today, Carlos Vargas Matiz is an accomplished Editor, Photographer, and Cinematographer with his work appearing in numerous magazines and films, earning multiple awards such as the Silver Telly Award.

Making it in the film industry is difficult, especially for non-native English speakers. Carlos grew up in Bogota, Colombia with a passion for telling stories through images and film.

Pursuing his passion, Carlos flew to the United Kingdom to study Filmmaking at Beckett University.

There, he excelled in his classes and graduated as an esteemed alumni with a Master of Arts in Filmmaking. He then went on to pursue his career as an Editor, Photographer, and Cinematographer.

Besides the steep competition, one of the challenges Carlos ran into was speaking a language that wasn’t his native tongue. He explains:

…knowing that English is the language that can connect you with the industry at the beginning was hard, and I had to leave the fear of not being understood and therefore not speaking. Now in one way or another, I express my ideas, and they are well listened to. I can make mistakes, and I may not sound like someone native, but this is a universal medium, and we speak the same universal language of the image (emotions, storytelling, light, contrasts, color).

Carlos also struggled with the fear of failing and daring to do what seemed unachievable. He has had to take a leap of faith to overcome these challenges.

He explains that there are moments when you take that leap but feel like you are falling. In those moments, you have to trust you will land safely.

Doubt is the enemy of faith, and it is something that Carlos has fallen into many times. On one account, he found himself taking photos for a magazine. While there, he explains:

…there were two young men jumping off the pier into a river, both smiling and looking at the camera. When I started to look at the photo and saw their happiness, I questioned myself and asked myself if I would like to be one of those who jumped or those who stayed watching. I cried that day; I cried because I remembered my dream and that I had forgotten it. I lacked faith.

Though there were many challenges, Carlos’ faith that he would make it in the industry paid off. He has since worked on short films, commercials, documentaries, and photography projects.

He has had the opportunity to publish his photography work for Avianca Magazine and even Pope Francis.

His passion for storytelling and skills as a filmmaker has allowed him to create compelling narratives. His work has attracted a variety of clients from Nickelodeon Hotels & Resorts to Burger King and numerous magazines.

As a photographer and editor, he has done work for multiple companies. On one such occasion, he did work for Azul Beach Resorts where he shot beautiful visuals for their website and even made a promotional video that gained over 16k views.

He also did work for Karisma Hotels which included three promotional videos during the construction of a new resort—the Margaritaville Island Reserve Riviera Maya.

When a tropical storm dubbed, “Iota” hit Central America, Carlos was recruited to direct, shoot, and edit a video that documents the destruction the storm left and the reconstruction effort. This included a series of videos about residents who had their homes rebuilt.

Today, Carlos Vargas Matiz continues to pursue his dreams with an unwavering determination to become the best at what he does.

In the future, he plans to be making big-budget movies, taking on roles as the Director, Writer, Editor, or Cinematographer.

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