Aaron Wood Missing – Seeking Answers For An Unsolved Case

aaron wood missing

The case of Aaron Wood missing in 2019 left investigators puzzled and many others in the Winston-Salem community wondering about his sudden disappearance. 

Wood’s friends and family suffered a thorough heartbreak as a result of the persistent mystery surrounding his disappearance.

However, recent developments have clarified this puzzling case and provided the community with some closure.

All you need to know about Aaron Wood missing case

On Everidge Road, a property where Wood had been working at the time of his disappearance, gave the investigators a significant breakthrough. 

The investigators discovered human remains that apparently belong to Aaron Wood after digging and searching for several days.

Moreover,this shocking revelation has deeply impacted the community.

They are working hard to come to terms with the heartbreaking fact that their worst fears have come true.

Law enforcement promptly arrested Wood’s murder suspect.

Kenneth Evan Cox, a 48-year-old resident of Tobaccoville, was taken into custody and charged with the offense of concealing remains.

The arrest provided a glimmer of hope that justice would be served, although many questions still remained regarding the circumstances surrounding Aaron Wood missing, and demise.

Forsyth County District Attorney Jim O’Neill thanked the police and investigators for their tireless efforts, which led to the discovery of Wood’s remains, during a press conference.

The District Attorney was aware of the significance of bringing closure to the bereaved family of Wood, which had endured years of distress and doubt.

Furthermore, the press conference highlighted that law enforcement officials emphasized the complete cooperation of the current property owner, who has no connection to the ongoing criminal investigation.

The property was once utilized as a horse farm.

Over the years, it had different people as its owners and went through various situations.

In 2011, authorities charged the previous owner with multiple animal cruelty offenses, leading to a subsequent conviction.

However, a new owner purchased the property in 2016, and the current owner cannot be held responsible for the unfortunate circumstances surrounding Aaron Wood missing.

The developments, in this case, have captured the attention of the Winston-Salem community, leaving residents feeling both intrigued and concerned about the latest updates.

Due to the ongoing investigations, some residents have expressed unease and contemplated relocating to a different area.

One resident revealed witnessing recent activity on the property, including a bonfire near the site where the excavation ultimately took place. 

While the investigation into Aaron Wood’s murder is still ongoing, the discovery of his remains offers a degree of closure to his loved ones and the community as a whole.

The investigation team remains committed to uncovering the truth, seeking justice for Aaron Wood, and providing closure to his loved ones.

  • My name is Brandi Wood and I’m his wife. We had split up from one another but was still good friends! I had a bad feeling that Kenneth had done something to him I just wasn’t sure what or how to prove it! I am glad they got Kenneth but the other guy is free and I don’t think it’s right! Kenneth was the mastermind behind it all but the one who actually took my husbands life brutally deserves to be in jail for the rest of his life as well!! Aaron didn’t deserve this he’d help anyone that needed it. He’d even go without if could help someone!!

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