Adriana Lima Scandal: Supermodel Addresses Plastic Surgery Rumors

Adriana Lima Scandal

The Adriana Lima scandal sparked conversations online, but the supermodel clarified that her shock over the pictures was about changing perceptions with age, not surgery.

After photos of her at the premiere of The Hunger Games, The Ditty Of Songbirds & Snakes circulated online.

Despite the 42-year-old’s original redundancy of rumors suggesting she had gone under the cutter,

She lately admitted to Harper’s Bazaar Arabia that she was” in shock” after viewing the filmland.

In the interview, Lima stated that the incident had further to do with changing comprehension of oneself as one grows older and that she’s happy and confident.

Adriana Lima pictures that sparked the rumors

Adriana Lima rocked a swish black-red mini dress with sheer tights at The Hunger Games premiere in Los Angeles last month.

But it was not the outfit that got people talking. Filmland of the supermodel circulated online, leading some suckers to presume about plastic surgery.

Some enterprises suggested that the supermodel had experienced a facelift or decided to paddings.

However, Lima has denied these claims, stating that she was only surprised to see herself changing with age.

Adriana Lima Scandal amidst the interview

Despite initially dismissing plastic surgery claims, Adriana Lima later admitted that she was shocked when she saw the pictures herself. 

In her interview with Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, Lima conveyed her surprise upon seeing the photos and expressed her shock. 

She mentioned that she had thought, “That’s not me,” and conveyed that everything had felt strange because she didn’t see herself like that.

Also, she stated that she did not take offense or anything; instead, she mentioned having a good chuckle.

During her interview with Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, Adriana Lima stated that she was happy at the time 42 and that she accepted her time.

” I am 42, and I am the fluky I have been; the fluky with myself. I grasp my time, and I’ll not revise for anyone,” Lima stated.

She also appended that she does not know herself going under the cutter any time soon, adding that she’s happy with her natural tone and unique appearance.

Adriana Lima’s Message to Her Fans                

Adriana Lima voiced her concerns about how her appearance will impact her children. 

In the Harper’s Bazaar Arabia interview, Lima mentioned how her children saw the comments surrounding her appearance and said, 

She said she doesn’t want them to feel like they must look a certain way because of others. 

Adriana worries about their safety, thinking that if people expect her to look a certain way, it’s not safe for anyone.

 She believes everyone is at risk of criticism because people are always judging.

Lima added that her children are her priority and wants to ensure they are not affected by the rumors.


Lima’s Relationship and Family Life

Adriana Lima is a devoted mother to her three kids, Valentina, Sienna, and Cyan. Lima shares Valentina and Sienna with her ex-husband, Marko Jarić. 

The couple were married in 2009 and separated in 2014, with the divorce concluding in 2016.

Following her separation from Jarić, Lima started a new chapter with Andre Lemmers, a film producer. 

The couple announced their pregnancy in February 2022 and welcomed Cyan in August of the same year.

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