Alex Diana, Young And Inspiring Entrepreneur

Alex Diana Young Entrepreneur

Mr. Alex Diana, 21-year-old Entrepreneur, He is currently living in Florida. He has been investing in stocks and cryptocurrency for 4 years now and has accomplished a lot for his young age. Alex Diana was a 6 figure earner at the age of 20 and believes his best times are yet to come with his new investment strategies with Stocks, Cryptocurrency and Realestate. 

Tell us about yourself?

I was born and raised in Florida, My nationality is Italian so as you can imagine I have a lot of family members and they are all loud. Since I was a young boy my parents taught me the value of money, I would always see my older brother thinking and coming up with different ideas on how to make money, My older brother pretty much planted the seed. As a young boy, I was always shooting for the stars and dreaming big.

I graduated high school early and began my journey into the corporate world at the age of 17. I noticed that it was very hard to make any sort of good money just working so I started doing research and studied all of the top entrepreneurs on what they did to become successful I found out right away that having multiple incomes is the key, And around the age of 18 I learned that me putting the money that I earned into a bank account was pretty much a waste of time because banks only give you .06% a year so that’s when I learned about investing in Stocks and Cryptocurrency. Every time I made money from work or side hustles I would put 50% of my income in stocks and cryptocurrency that I believed would succeed.

Over time my account started building up and one day I woke up and couldn’t believe what I saw they all went up tremendously! So from there on it changed my life I started realizing the money I could make and all it took was a consistent income and knowledge about what I was investing in after that it was autopilot from there. Now I still currently do the same thing but with more knowledge, Money and different strategies.

How much potential market share can you achieve in the next 3 years? 

I think I can achieve a lot of great things in 3 years like scaling my streams of income, owning multiple rental properties and reaching 7 figures. I would love to write a book as well about entrepreneurship and the different ways to success. I definitely see a lot of great things to come and have a lot of goals that I need to complete to get me to where I need to be.

What was the best book or series that you’ve ever read? 

The best book I’ve read actually recently is Rich Dad Poor Dad, It is about Robert Kiyosaki and his two dads his real father was a poor dad and the father of his best friend was a rich dad and it shows the different ways in which both men shaped his thoughts about money and investing. You don’t need to earn a high income to be rich all you have to do is be smart. In Chapter One it becomes very clear which father had a better approach towards money but the great part about it is that you get to see both points of view.

Stock And Crypto Specialist Alex Diana

What are the best and worst purchases you’ve ever made? 

I don’t really have a bad purchase because I usually buy things I need. My best purchase is definitely my Car,phone and laptop because my car allows me to get around and my phone/laptop allows me to be able to Invest into Stocks/ Cryptocurrency and network with other people, having the right connections is 100% leverage that you can use to dominate anything you do like for an example social media is perfect for networking and building relationships with people all over the world. If your network is big then your net worth will be even larger.

What takes up too much of your time? 

I have a calendar so my time management is pretty good, I do have to say I spend a lot of time making money or trying to make money. But I have to say I also spend a lot of time with my family because there is nothing more important than family, money comes and goes but family is forever.

What three pieces of advice would you give to college students/new startup business owners who want to become entrepreneurs? 

My three pieces of advice for college students would be if your being forced to go to college stop because you will not learn anything about actually running a business unless you start one, If you really want to go to college then do it but make sure you pick a degree you are guaranteed a job right after and Learn how to manage your money and definitely invest it.

Who has impressed you most with what they’ve accomplished? 

Grant Cardone has really impressed me because of his business smarts he’s been able to scale his personal brand and network with other successful people which has caused him to be able to strategically invest in great opportunities because of his money and other investors contributing. Nobody in their right mind would just hand you money you need some sort of backing and proof it’s kind of like a resume to show what you’ve accomplished and what you can do. It takes a lot of networking, marketing and the knowledge to Invest.

Tell us about something you are proud of – about your greatest challenge. 

Something I am very proud of is the work I put into what I do sometimes I will work 16 hours in one day, I’m very dedicated to what I do and I enjoy it. Another thing I am proud of is my patience, patience is the key, long term money is better then quick money there is no such thing as a get rich quick and you’ll learn that very fast, when you make an investment you need to be patient always sell in profit even if it takes years you have to have patience.

Alex Diana

Imagine investing in a stock and it goes down a little bit and you getting tired of it so you sell at a loss and a few weeks later if you would have just kept your position you would have made a lot of money. I’m very proud of overcoming patience it was a challenge because I wanted to make money fast in the beginning but I learned from my mistakes and adjusted my strategy.

How people should connect with you?

The best way to connect with me is through Instagram @TheAlexDiana Feel free to write to me anytime I usually respond quickly.

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