Alexander Harris Missing: Authorities Find Body, Suspect Arrested

Alexander Harris Missing

In December 2021, authorities discovered Alexander’s lifeless body buried under a makeshift trailer used by workers during their breaks. An investigation led to the arrest of Howard Haupt, the prime suspect behind Alexander’s disappearance.

Disappearance and Investigation

Alexander Harris missing report was filed soon after they lost all contact with him. 

According to the allegations, Harris mentioned to another person that he had planned to visit Wilcox for geocaching but had a bad feeling about the trip. 

He decided to proceed anyway since he was already so close. The family had no idea where Harris was heading, and they were worried about his safety. 

The authorities conducted an investigation to locate Harris and contacted his mobile phone company to get more information on his last communication. 

Unfortunately, they discovered that Harris’s phone battery was dead, and they could not track his location.

The authorities conducted an investigation to find out everyone staying on the second floor of the casino during the period Harris went missing.

This was how they learned about Howard Haupt, the main suspect in Harris’s disappearance. 

Haupt was a data processor from San Diego who had some similarities to the person Harris was seen within his last sighting. 

His photo was shown to the witnesses and hotel employees, leading to unanimous confirmation that he was the same individual. This was the breakthrough the authorities needed to get a lead in the case.

Discovery of Alexander’s Body

The Alexander Harris missing case was filed a few days after he disappeared. 

He went missing on June 16, 2021, after leaving Safford, Arizona. The last time anyone had seen him was on that day when he decided to go geocaching in the mountains near Wilcox. 

Unfortunately, he had a feeling of dread about the trip. His family had reported him missing since they had lost all communication with him, and his phone was no longer working. 

The search for Alexander Harris missing came to an end when on December 30, 2021, a person who worked in maintenance discovered his body. 

He had been buried under the trailer, and an autopsy later revealed that Harris had died shortly after he went missing.

Authorities were of the opinion that Harris died as a result of asphyxiation since there were no signs of physical trauma on his body. This led to the suspicion that Haupt was the prime suspect in Harris’s death.

Arrest and Trial of Haupt

After months of investigation, the authorities located Haupt and arrested him in San Diego. He was charged with the murder of Alexander Harris, and his trial began soon after.

 The trial was long, and forensic evidence and witness testimonies were presented by the prosecution. Some of the witnesses claimed that they had seen Harris and Haupt together on the day Harris disappeared.

Haupt had denied knowing Alexander Harris or having anything to do with his death, but the evidence presented in the trial showed otherwise. 

He was identified as the same individual that Harris was seen in his last sighting, and the forensic evidence supported the theory that Harris had died due to asphyxiation. 

Haupt’s lawyer argued that the prosecution had not presented enough evidence to convict him, but the jury was not convinced. 

Haupt was found guilty of the murder of Alexander Harris and was sentenced to life imprisonment.


The disappearance and murder of Alexander Harris shocked his family and the community. Harris was an innocent individual who had a passion for geocaching. 

His plans to go treasure hunting led to his unfortunate disappearance and death. Howard Haupt was identified as the prime suspect in Harris’s disappearance and eventual death. 

His arrest and trial paved the way for justice to be served, and his sentence acts as a warning to those who believe that they can get away with such heinous crimes. 

The case of Alexander Harris is a sad one, but it reminds us all of the importance of safety when engaging in outdoor recreational activities.

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