Who is Alexandria Herring & Where Is She Now Today?

Who is Alexandria Herring & Where Is She Now Today

As one of the most visible members of The Try Guys’ staff, Alexandria Herring has become a YouTube celebrity in her own right. When they are married in 2022, the associate producer and her fiance, Will Thayer, will have been together for a decade. Engagement is planned for 2022.

Alexandria has a lengthy history with The Try Guys. They call themselves “The Try Guys,” a gang of four males who hang together online. They are Ned, Keith Habersberger, Zach Kornfeld, and Eugene Lee Yang. They frequently document their first impressions of novel experiences.

Who is Alexandria Herring
Who is Alexandria Herring and What is happening with her, Check out her Instagram

The group currently consists of three members and a few staff who occasionally feature in their films. Let’s get to know about Alexandria Herring;

Alexandria Herring as Employee of Try Guys

At 2nd Try LLC, the production business responsible for making movies for The Try Guys, Alexandria works as an associate producer. According to the information on her Linkedin page, she has been employed by her present firm in the same capacity as the Production Manager since she began working there four years ago.

Before joining The Try Guys, Alexandria worked at BuzzFeed, where she held the production manager position. The individual hailing from the city of Los Angeles, California, has prior experience working in the capacities of an Office Production assistant, a personal assistant, and even a production assistant.

Alexandria’s Linkedin page indicates that she graduated high school in 2014, although she has never disclosed her age. Given that the typical age of a college graduate is between 22 and 24 years old, we may deduce that she will be approximately 30 years old in the year 2022 if she is between 22 and 24 years old.

Her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and Media Studies came from the University of Hawaii at Hilo. Because Alexandria has appeared in many Try Guys videos, she quickly became a favorite among viewers. She has far more than 66,000 Instagram followers as a result of the excellent job that she does.

Is Alexandria Herring engaged?

Throughout their relationship, Alex and her boyfriend, Will Thayer, have traded a lot of images with one another. Her Instagram feed is loaded with pictures of the two of them enjoying a good time together. According to her tweet from 2017, in which she wished her partner Will a happy 26th birthday, Will will reach 31 in 2022.

An emotional Alexandria tried on a wedding dress for the first time. She disclosed her feelings for Will in a video uploaded to YouTube in February 2022 titled Women Wear Wedding Dresses For The First Time and hosted by the Try Guys channel.

Is Alexandria Herring engaged
Is Alexandria Herring engaged?

When the producer was asked how long she had been with her fiance, she responded that they had been together for ten years. She added that neither was looking for a romantic partnership when they met. “We ended up having distance while he was in college, and I went to Hawaii and attended the same college.” “We ended up doing long-distance while he was in college.”

As a direct result of this, we are aware that both Alex and Will attended the University of Hawaii in Hilo during their time in Hawaii. We discovered another piece of information about Will through Alex’s Instagram: that he played baseball in college. The year 2016 marked the couple’s fifth wedding anniversary since they tied the knot.

It is clear from her Instagram that the couple has done a lot of traveling together throughout their time together. For example, they are pictured in South Lake Tahoe, California; Sunset Cliffs, San Diego; New York City; and Tunnels Beach, Kauai, Hawaii.

Alexandria Herring & Ned Fulmer Relationship

Alexandria, or Alex as she is known to her followers, and Ned Fulmer’s controversy broke after her fiance, Will, acquired some suspicious photos of the two of them engaging in sexual activity at a bar called Niagara by NYU and uploaded them on Reddit under the identity “Hamilton 390.”

The online group, The Try Guys, included Ned Fulmer, one of the four members. Alexandria’s circle also included Eugene Lee Yang and Zach Kornfeld. One of Keith Habersberger’s trademarks is filming the group’s reactions as they try out new forms of entertainment.

Unfortunately, Fulmer has since departed the band. The audience noted that he hadn’t been in the podcast’s most recent three episodes. There was no mistaking this for anything other than Fulmer leaving.

Following some time, The Try Guys confirmed Ned Fulmer’s departure with a tweet in which they said that, after a thorough internal investigation, they had concluded that they and Fulmer were unable to agree on a path ahead for the collective. The Try Guys, who were down a member, expressed gratitude to their audience.

Later, Ned confessed to cheating on his wife with the show’s producer, Alex, in an online essay in which he expressed regret, claiming that family should have always been his top priority but that he had lost focus and had a “consensual” office affair.

The ex-Try Guy expressed regret not just to his followers and fellow guys but also to his wife, Ariel. At the end of his tweet, Ariel expressed sorrow for the emotional distress he had caused her husband and their children.

Final Verdict 

Herring also hopes to see more women of different ethnicities and backgrounds in her career. She thinks that more women’s participation will encourage ambitious people.

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