Alice McMillan Pays An Emotional Tribute To Her Father, Robbie Coltrane

Alice McMillan Pays Emotional Tribute To Her Father

Alice McMillan is the daughter of the famous late Robbie Coltrane. We all the Robbie as Hagrid from the famous Harry Potter series. He was the character who brought joy to many children of 14 years and adults.

Unfortunately, Robbie Coltrane died at the age of 72 at a hospital near his home in Larbert, Scotland. According to the reports released after his death, Robbie was ill for a long time, and his health was not getting well.

Later, his condition got serious, and he was hospitalized. However, his condition worsened, and the famous Harry Potter character died. 

Recently, Alice Mcmillian broke her silence and went on social media to pay tribute to her father. It was Saturday when she shared a post paying tribute to her father, and many fans liked the post. 

In the picture she shared, It can be seen that Robbie is sitting in his home wearing his glasses while Alice leans towards him and kisses her father’s forehead. It was an emotional post shared by his daughter. 

A #hagridforever was trending on social media. It stated, “I(Robbie Coltrane) have adored Hagrid for many years. I may be gone, but Hagrid will be there.”

This caught fans emotionally reading the trend, and similar posts were shared on #hagridforever.

Who Is Alice Mcmillian?

Alice Mcmillian is the daughter of the late Robbie Coltrane. She was born in 1998 and was raised by her parents. Her parents, Robbie and Rhona, met each other in the 1990s and had a long relationship until they decided to get married in 1999. 

The couple welcomed their first child Spencer Mcmillian in 1992, and six years later, they welcomed their second child and daughter Alice Mcmillian in 1998. 

The couple was later divorced in 2003. The reason for the divorce was never shared with the public by either of the two, but fans expect that Robbie couldn’t give enough time to his family.

Some fans also expect that the reason for the couple’s divorce could be a major age difference between the two, as Robbie was way older than Rhona. 

Robbie Coltrane’s Death Cause

Robbie Coltrane died on 14 Oct, Friday, due to ill health. Robbie Coltrane had previously starred in some mon=vies wher his weight was normal. 

However, it was noticeable for quite some time that he was gaining weight which was alarming to his health. Robbie was using medications, but the 72-year-old man couldn’t endure more pain. 

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