Alicia Navarro Missing – The Teenage Girl Was Never Seen Again

alicia navarro missing

Alicia Navarro’s missing case is still under investigation. 

Alicia Navarro, a 14-year-old girl from Glendale, Arizona, went missing on September 15, 2019. She wore a white hoodie, a white denim skirt, and black and white Vans when she was last spotted. 

She had high-functioning autism and had been taking medication to help with social interaction. 

Alicia had become involved with online gaming and a site called Discord. She was quite tech-savvy and had a laptop and a phone. 

She had a routine and enjoyed playing Minecraft, but before her disappearance, Alicia began to show changes in her behavior. She became interested in makeup, provocative clothing, and protein powder.

At one in the morning on September 15, 2019, Jessica, Alicia’s mother, was up waiting for her husband to get home from work when Alicia came downstairs. 

Alicia asked her mother when she planned to go to bed after getting a glass of water. Then she returned to her bedroom.

Jessica got out of bed at seven in the morning and began preparing breakfast for Alicia’s awake siblings. When Jessica realized that the door to the backyard was open, she believed that Alicia was still in bed. 

Jessica realized that her daughter was missing. She found a note from Alicia that said, “I ran away. I will be back, I swear. I’m sorry-Alicia.” The family immediately reported her missing.

The fact that Alicia only carried a bag, computer, smartphone, body spray, some makeup, and a comic book suggests that she intended to go back home, as stated in her note. She left the chargers for her equipment at home, though.

An investigation determined that she may have been groomed by someone she met on an online gaming platform. 

A few months before her disappearance, Alicia had told friends that she had a boyfriend and might run away to California. This was around the time her behavior and interests began to change.

Alicia was last seen with an African American man

Several witnesses reported seeing Alicia in La Pradera Park on September 20, her 15th birthday. She was seen with an unknown African-American man with facial and neck tattoos, and witnesses claimed he was dragging her around by the hand. 

This, coupled with the fact that she did not return home for her birthday, led her parents to believe she might have been trafficked.

‘We just need to find her. And I need to know that she is safe. My girl is out there alone, without me… it’s horrible. I just need her back home…I just feel like she’s in danger. She would have never been gone this long – not without getting in touch with me. Someone has her and I’m so worried…It could be the difference in life or death for your child. Please monitor everything they do. I don’t want anyone to go through the same nightmare I’m going through.’

Jessica Nuñez, Alicia’s mother

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