Amy Lynn Preasmyer: Ricky Cowles Murder, Their Daughter

Amy Lynn Preasmyer

In 1997, according to the investigators, Amy Lynn Preasmyer was convicted of hiring a man to kill Ricky Cowles Jr. because he had caused her to become pregnant and wrecked her life. Let’s examine Anny Lynn, who paid a man to kill her boyfriend, in more detail.

A teenage Amy Lynn Preasmyer’s frantic 9-11 call initiates a murder inquiry in August 1997, according to a Dateline NBC documentary.

When Amy and her friend Sara got home that day, they learned that the victim was Ricky Cowles Jr., Amy’s boyfriend.

Ricky was lying in a pool of blood after being brutally struck with a hammer, suffering a head wound, and unable to move.

The truth behind the twisted events would eventually come to light, and if you have just learned about this case, you’ll want to read our article that will explain where Amy Lynn Preasmyer is now.

At first, what had happened was unclear, and as the authorities arrived at the horrific scene, there was a lot to process.

Who is Amy Lynn Preasmyer?

When the events occurred, Amy was a fairly average sixteen-year-old girl involved in a relationship with her boyfriend, Ricky. 

Friends claim that the two spent their early years together in bliss. However, a sudden shift in conditions could launch a cascade of tragic events that kill everyone.

The sixteen-year-old California girl who killed Ricky was pregnant, which was the horrifying reason behind this awful case.

Amy Lynn Preasmyer Murdered Ricky Cowles

Detailed information about Ricky Cowles is lacking. Amy Lynn Preasmyer was convicted in 1997 of hiring a man to assassinate Ricky Cowles Jr. for getting her pregnant and ruining her life.

Former business employee William Hoffman was sentenced to life for murdering Cowles. 

He claimed someone else was guilty throughout his trial. Preasmyer, Cowles, David Ashbury, 29, and Jennifer Kellogg, 28, who lived in the same Gadsden Avenue flat, were prosecuted in 2005.

Hoffman’s 1999 trial failed to establish a motive for the homicide. 

Hoffman didn’t know Cowles, a young electrician who worked for his family’s business, and officials believed he was persuaded to kill him.

Although she denied involvement, Hoffman told others he killed Cowles for Cowles’ girlfriend throughout the trial.

Family Ricky Cowles

As previously stated, Ricky Cowles is not specifically mentioned. Amy hired a man to kill Ricky for ruining her life.

Despite our best efforts, we have yet to be successful in finding comprehensive information regarding Ricky’s family on numerous websites.

Why Amy Lynn Preasmyer Murdered Her Boyfriend?

As further details about what happened behind the scenes emerged, it became clear that the pregnant Preasmyer was unhappy that she and Ricky had become pregnant due to their relationship. 

After that, she would plot the assassination of her boyfriend with the assistance of two other acquaintances. Amy planned to hire a professional assassin by the name of Billy Hoffman to carry out the murder of Ricky.

On the other hand, Hoffman’s boasting about his participation in the crime had been overheard by several witnesses, and it was certain that the authorities would be tipped off to his behavior. That would eventually result in his imprisonment in the year 1998.

During the trial, it would appear that Amy had solicited other individuals’ assistance in murdering her boyfriend; ultimately, Billy Hoffman would play the role. 

Although Hoffman was not personally acquainted with Amy, the two had friends in common who introduced them to one another.

Jennifer Kellog and David Ashbury, both acquaintances of Amy at the time of the murder, were also implicated in the crime. 

Because of their participation, the two close pals would also be sentenced to jail time.

When will Amy Lynn Preasmyer be imprisoned?

Amy was given the verdict that she would spend the rest of her life behind bars. The circumstances surrounding her parole would be reviewed in the years that followed.

Amy Lynn Preasmyer And Ricky Cowles Daughter

At the time of the homicide, Amy was 15 weeks pregnant with her first child, Kayleigh.

Amy’s 2007 conviction for solicitation, murder, and conspiracy to murder meant her four grandparents would split custody and raise her.

Where is Amy Lynn Preasmyer Now?

When she was 16, Amy Preasmyer was found guilty of hiring an assassin to assassinate her boyfriend and sentenced to life without parole. 

Though Amy’s location is unclear, he hired a man to kill his boyfriend, which has helped her focus.

Los Angeles Superior Court jurors convicted Preasmyer of murder, lying in wait, conspiracy, and soliciting murder after more than two weeks of deliberation.

Since the prosecution did not pursue the death penalty, Preasmyer will likely spend his entire life in prison. 

The counsel for Preasmyer did not respond to requests for comment. An hour after the murder, Preasmyer informed authorities she found the victim in their bedroom with a headshot wound.