Amy Robach & T.J Holmes Photo Hinted Affair Between The GMA Hosts

amy robach tj holmes photo

Amy Robach T.J Holmes photo while getting cozy has taken the internet by storm.

The co-anchors of Good Morning America, Amy Robach and T.J Holmes, who have both been married to other people since 2010, were recently seen acting quite intimately while on vacation in upstate New York.

Pictures obtained exclusively by show the couple enjoying flirting post-filming sessions at a New York City pub, alone time in each other’s apartments, and a weekend getaway in a remote Upstate New York cabin two weeks before Thanksgiving.

The on-screen chemistry between the GMA co-anchors is undeniable. Still, it also appears to exist off-camera, as evidenced by photos obtained by the DailyMail that show them flirting in NYC. 

One photo shows Holmes squeezing Robach’s behind, while another shows them holding hands in a taxi. Another image of them together in a pub shows that they are *definitely* more than just colleagues and friends.

Two weeks before Thanksgiving, Robach and Holmes were photographed spending time together alone in each other’s apartments.

Robach, 49, and Holmes, 45, both deleted their personal Instagram accounts within hours after the images were publicized; neither has commented on the pictures. 

Robach was conspicuously missing from the program when their affair became public, leaving Holmes to serve as the show’s anchor alone, leading to what has been called a “P.R. nightmare.” 

On December 1st, when they got back together to co-anchor the third hour, they made no note of Robach’s absence from the previous day.

Their respective spouses will undoubtedly suffer significantly from the revelation of these photos! 

While Robach is wed to 55-year-old former Melrose Place actor Andrew Shue, Holmes is married to 45-year-old attorney Marilee Fiebig. However, several sources said they split up with their partners in August.

A day after the images were made public, Holmes was spotted without his wedding band, implying that his marriage might not end until only a short while earlier.

The insider claimed, “They were in London together filming the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee for ABC and workers were buzzing about the familiarity between them. That’s when T.J. and Amy’s bond truly took off.” 

However, according to the sources, the two began dating during their half-marathon training in March.

Many insiders have argued that there was no overlap and that Robach and Holmes only began to consider each other as more than friends after their relationships with their husbands ended, despite some people’s perceptions.

An insider reassured People, “This was two consenting adults, each separately. In August, a few weeks apart from one another, they both split from their husbands. After that, the relationship really began to take shape.” 

“She’s got nothing to hide,” the author told of Robach, adding that since they were both divorced, they felt comfortable dating openly afterward. Even their spouses had moved out! They weren’t concealing anything, then.

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