Andrea Tankovitz - Entrepreneur & Successful Fashion Designer

Andrea Tankovitz: Entrepreneur & Successful Fashion Designer

It only takes a quick scroll down fashion designer Andrea Tankovitz’s Instagram feed to appreciate what makes her stand out – and that says a lot given the abundance of designers to be found on any social media platform.

It’s an aesthetic understanding – a noir sensibility – simple colour palettes next to sheer fabrics, modern cultural anecdotes juxtaposed by bold interpretations of fashion fundamentals – it is designed that walks the delicate line between everyday wear and high brow art. One soon gets the feeling that Andrea Tankovitz designs reach beyond fashion… Half Colombian and half Austrian, born in Caracas Venezuela and raised in Mexico, Andrea Tankovitz is a true child of the modern world, drawn to the fast-paced world of fashion after attending the Instituto Di Mood Burgo in Italy. 

After finding success in making wedding dresses for her close friends, Andrea moved to Miami to establish her footing as a leading designer. Her first gig was styling models for an O.M.I music video, and since, her work as creative director for the brand ’T A N K O V I T Z’ has seen her become the go-to fashion designer for some of Miami’s upper echelons. She has designed gowns that have gilded Golden Globe and Latin Billboard red carpets, styled music videos for the likes of Nikki Minaj and YANDEL, and worked on commercials for the likes of Alfa Romeo and Heinz. 

Andrea has also won awards for work in design. Andrea Tankovitz’s work speaks for itself, but it’s her unique vision that has led her to much of her success. Why Miami and not New York or Milan? Why music videos and not just runways? Andrea understands the power of being the odd one out – the patience required to build a brand, and most importantly, that culture starts with small acts of rebellion before it becomes iconic. Stay up to date with her work by following her Instagram, @tankovitz, or by checking out her website


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