Meet Andrew Whitworth Wife, Melissa Whitworth

Andrew Whitworth Wife

Andrew Whitworth wife, Melissa Whitworth, has been married to him ever since the start of his football career. The couple has maintained an ideal life together, and their love story is nothing short of special. 

Andrew was drafted into the NFL in 2006 by the Cincinnati Bengals, where he stayed for 11 years until 2017, when he signed a three-year deal with the Los Angeles Rams and went for his fourth Pro Bowl.

He is known today as one of the best offensive linemen in NFL history and rightly so.

Andrew Whitworth is an 11-year veteran in the NFL and has had a remarkable career. Featured on the 2018 NFL Top 100 Players list,

his peers placed him at number 87, while the Second Team All-Pro recognized him in 2014 with induction. 

His dedication to football and his performance have earned him great recognition throughout the years, but Andrew also demonstrates his commitment and care for his family outside of football. 

He and his wife Melissa have been together since 2006 – raising four children with love and care as they continue growing together.

The Big Whit 77 Foundation established by them, further emphasizes their passion for positively impacting communities, young people and families alike.

According to the site’s mission statement, NFL football player Andrew Whitworth and his wife Melissa decided to give back to their community in 2008 by founding a nonprofit organization that would benefit local children and families.

The Big White 77 Foundation’s goal is to improve the lives of kids and families in nearby neighborhoods.

The couple has two twin sons, the daughter Drew and Sarah, a son named Michael, and a daughter named Katherine.

About Melissa Whitworth

Born in Ruston, Louisiana, on April 29, 1980, Melissa Whitworth earned a bachelor’s degree in sociology at Louisiana Tech in 2003 before attaining a master’s degree in industrial-organizational psychology. 

During that time, she also participated in beauty pageants, emerging successfully when winning the Miss Louisiana title of 2003.

Putting her education to use, Melissa became a journalist working as a reporter for NBC10 and Fox14 News while residing in the northern region of her home state. 

Her dedication to family is evident on her Instagram account (@melissawhitworth77) where photos of loved ones dominate with 1,868 followers and 13 posts collecting engagement from the community.

Melissa has been an avid competitor in pageants since her teen years, winning titles such as Miss Teen Louisiana and competing in the Miss National Sweetheart pageant.

Her hard work paid off when she crowned Miss Louisiana in 2003, after which she won the 2016 Cincinnati Dancing With the Stars competition. 

Despite all the success under her belt, Melissa doesn’t forget about giving back to the community – during the COVID epidemic of 2020; she donated fifty thousand dollars to The Serving Spoon in Inglewood.

Together with her husband Andrew, they also created The Big White 77 Foundation in 2008; this nonprofit works towards improving the quality of life for families and young people living in the neighborhood.

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