Andrew Yang: Presidential Candidate and His Life

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Who is Andrew Yang?

Andrew Yang, one of an early candidates entry in US Presidency in 2020, he may not have had much name acknowledgment in the beginning, but his reputation and presence have developed distinction among his competitors because of his unique proposals of giving a solution for income inequality and information of a robot takeover of the job sector of America.

Yang postponed his presidential operations on Feb. 11, the night of the New Hampshire primary. Yang was widely considered as a breakthrough competitor who exceeded the expectation of many as he outlasted sitting senators, former governors, and other lifelong politicians as a political newcomer. In his remarks to supporters, he said that he first began running to “solve the problems that got Donald Trump elected” and said that to continue working, he would help the Democratic nominee.

Andrew Yang Net worth

Media outlets have presented several estimations of Yang’s net worth: According to Forbes his net worth is $1 million, according to The Wall Street Journal it is between $834,000 and $2.4 million, and according to Newsweek it is recorded between $3 million and $4 million.

Work of Andrew Yang

Yang is the founder of the nonprofit Enterprise for America, which teaches college graduates who are interested in entrepreneurship and who search to work for startups in cities like Baltimore, Detroit, Pittsburgh, and Cleveland.

Yang previously worked a “brief stint” as a corporate lawyer before establishing a failed tech startup. He later became CEO of Manhattan Prep, a test-prep company that was taken over by Kaplan in 2009.

Life and Career Moments of Andrew Yang

After completing his graduation from law school, Yang established a failed tech startup in 2000 named He then served at a healthcare software company while concurrently working at the test-prep company, Manhattan Prep.

In 2006, Yang was selected as the CEO of Manhattan Prep that was later taken by Kaplan.

He then established the nonprofit Enterprise for America in 2011.

Andrew Yang Some Of The Issues

Yang has created a campaign program for the problem of universal basic income by the name of the “freedom dividend,” that would incorporate with some welfare programs and sequentially give each American adult over the age of 18 with a $1,000 check from the government each month. He cited Alaska as a potential model for the proposal. There, citizens get an annual check from the state, financed by money from oil and mineral leases in the state.

“What we have to do is we make it a right of citizenship for all Americans and do what they are doing in Alaska with oil money, with technology money for everyone around the country, he told ABC News Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos on “This Week” in April.

When pressed by Stephanopoulos on the funding for the “freedom dividend,” Yang told the cost of his plan, which is determined to be in the trillions, could be supported by a value-added tax, or VAT.

Yang has distinguished automation as a major problem which was the warning of the United States’ economy.

“We automated away 4 million manufacturing jobs in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Missouri, Iowa — all of the swing states that Donald Trump needed to win and did win,” Yang said at a rally in New York City. “There’s a straight line up between the adoption of industrial robots in a community and the movement towards Donald Trump.”

Yang told his program would be funded, in part, by imposing more taxes on big tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon, the latter of which he pointed to as the matter of retail store closures over the country, resulting in extensive job loss in the retail sector.

“Amazon’s like a giant vacuum sucking up $20 billion of commerce every year … pushing 30% of malls and stores to close in our country,” he said.

While some of his Democratic candidates called for splitting up big tech companies, Yang hesitated on what the right approach would be.

“I think in many cases they are too big,” Yang told ABC News’ Senior Congressional Correspondent Mary Bruce and Political Director Rick Klein on the Powerhouse Politics podcast in May.

In another interview, he replied, “We should definitely look at curtailing the tech companies’ influence and part of that would be potentially breaking up some of the companies.”

When speaking about the negative impacts of social media apps on young Americans, Yang had an unconventional reply. “It’s not as simple as saying we need to break them up, those are 20th-century solutions to 21st-century problems,” Yang said. “We need a 21st-century approach to technology because technologies advanced way past our government’s ability to reckon with that it means for our people.”

How Much Fund Andrew Yang Has Raised?

Despite his under-the-radar campaign, Yang raised $2.8 million in the second quarter of fundraising. During February and March, Yang proclaimed that his campaign raised $1.7 million.

The average donation was $17.92, and 99% of contributions were under $200. Yang’s fundraising campaign success happens because of over 80,000 donors and followed his announcement in March that he cleared the grassroots fundraising threshold of 65,000 contributors to qualify for the first Democratic primary debate.

Andrew Yang Additional Work You May Not Know

He was elected as a Champion of Change and a Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship by the Obama administration in 2012 and in 2015, respectively.

Yang grew up in upstate New York, he is the son of Taiwanese immigrants. He and his brother brought up as “pretty nerdy,” according to the website of the Yang campaign. While his dad worked at IBM as a researcher, who produced over 60 patents over his career, his mother served as a system administrator at a local university.

Some further proposals, listed on his campaign website, include: lessening the legal voting age to 16, giving free marriage counseling to all and providing every police single officer all over the country with a body camera.

Andrew Yang’s Important Accomplishments

  • In the mid-200s, Yang was the CEO of elite test prep company Manhattan GMAT, which he and his partners sold to Kaplan in 2009.
  • Yang went on to build Venture For America, a program that provides the opportunity for college graduates to work at startups in those cities that face financial crises.
  • According to Yang, VFA’s 500 fellows and alums have built more than 2,500 jobs in cities all over the country.
  • Yang received a Champion of Change Award from the Obama White House in 2012 and was elected a Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship in 2015. He is also made the Fast Company list of the “100 most creative people in the business.”

We hope the work we presented in our article about Andrew yang will inspire you from his effort as a presidential candidate. If you have any questions you can ask about it any time.


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