A Symphony of Achievements: The Extraordinary Journey of Anna Khalikova

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Anna Khalikova is an accomplished violinist with a Doctor of Musical Arts Degree in Violin Performance from Michigan State University.

She has won numerous awards, including the First Prize Winner of the Glazunov competition in Paris and the First Prize Winner at the Golden Classical Music Awards.

Anna was committed to perfecting her musical talents at a young age and after graduating from the Uspenskiy Special School of Music in Uzbekistan, she decided to move to the U.S.

She moved to the U.S. at the age of 18 and began studying at the Manhattan School of Music.

During this time, she was learning English, providing for herself, and practicing for four to seven hours a day.

She went on to study at Michigan State University and taught at a local music school—the Okemos Music Academy.

Unfortunately, she didn’t have a car and had to walk for an hour, sometimes in below-thirty weather, from the university to the music academy.

Anna enjoyed learning about and introducing unique musical perspectives, so it was no surprise when her Doctorate defense was on the music of an African-American composer—Florence Prince.

Throughout her career, she strived for greatness, seizing every opportunity to hone her skills.

Among her many accomplishments, one of her most notable experiences was working as a teaching assistant to the renowned violinist Dmitri Berlinsky at Michigan State University.

She also was part of a touring orchestra for Andrea Bocelli’s concerts and for “The Who.” She went on to perform in competitions around the world and won the First Prize Winner in both the Glazunov competition in Paris and the Golden Classical Music Awards.

She has since performed throughout the U.S., China, France, and Uzbekistan. While she has performed in multiple cities across the U.S., one of her most notable performances was in New York City at The Chamber Music in Carnegie Hall.

Anna also held a position as the Concertmaster of the Youth Symphony orchestra in Uzbekistan and was a faculty member at the Albion College of Music in Michigan.

Today, she continues to perfect her craft and perform throughout the world. While Anna’s journey was not easy, she learned the importance of believing in herself.

On that note, she advises others to do the same: “Believe in yourself, listen to your inner voice, and don’t let anyone or anything stop you or tell you that your dreams are too big.”

In the future, Anna plans to introduce new and unique projects to the public. She explains: “Currently, I am developing a lecture recital series with my duo partner, pianist YinYu Li.  Also, I am developing a project with the artist Alisa Boam where we are putting together two different forms of art—music and painting.”

All in all, Anna Khalikova has had an extraordinary musical journey as a virtuoso violinist, from practicing four to seven hours a day while attending college and providing for herself to becoming an accomplished and award-winning violinist who has performed throughout the world.

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