Who Is Antonia Gentry And What Is Antonia Gentry’s Age And Height?

Antonia Gentry age

Netflix’s soap-style series Ginny & Georgia has been fascinating fans. The show’s signature mix of thrill, emotion and genuine real-world problems has endeared it to many. 

At the center of that attention is star Antonia Gentry, who plays Ginny, the 15-year-old who became the new crush of boys. Let’s reveal in this article about Antonia Gentry’s age and other essential details.

Who is Antonia Gentry?

Antonia Gentry is one of the well-famed and brilliant personalities professionally known as an American actress. She was born in Atlanta, Georgia, the United States, on September 30, 1997. She is one of the bold, energetic, confident, and elegant actresses. 

After playing an outstanding role as Jasmine in the romantic comedy movie ‘Candy Jar.’ 

She attended Emory University to study drama, and Antonia was a member of the university’s comedy-improv Group at Emory University. Antonia balanced a part-time job and acting roles, being a full-time college student. 

Antonia has been interested in acting since childhood. She made her passion into a career and came in the sight of a vast mass of people. 

She is well-known for her outstanding role in the most popular Netflix Series “Ginny & Georgia” as Ginny. She also won an MTV Movies and Television award in 2021 for her unique role in Ginny and Georgia.

Antonia has a lot of ability to speak many languages, including Korean, Japanese, Thai, Spanish, French, German, and Russian. Likewise, she is one of the multi-talented American actresses. 

Antonia Gentry’s Parents’ Nationalities

Antonia is biracial, and the influences from both parents’ perspectives on life have powerfully shaped her own over the years. Her father, a white Christian man, born in the U.S., offers one side of the spectrum, while her mother a Black Jamaican-born woman. 

Antonia has been candid about how her background had drawn criticism from peers, even resulting in bullying when she was young. Nonetheless, the star has developed a proud stance on her identity as she has grown and refers to those instances in the past as learning lessons that shaped who she is today.

When I was growing up, I never saw a biracial lead,” Antonia told Teen Vogue. “I didn’t see interracial couples or narratives often displayed in television or movies, and that was something I didn’t realize I wish I had until later on.”

Antonia Gentry Age?

As of today, March 22, 2022, Antonia is 28 years, nine months, three days old

10503 Total days.

Antonia Gentry Relationship

The name of her boyfriend is Ezra Pounds. She has reportedly been in a relationship with him since 2019. Like her, Pounds is in the show business industry. According to his Instagram bio, he is a musician, producer, and teacher. 

Antonia Gentry’s Net Worth And Salary

Antonia Gentry is one famous American actress who achieved the MTV Movies and Television award in 2021 for her outstanding role in Ginny and Georgia. Talking about her net worth, Antonia has an estimated net worth between $1 Million to $3 Million as of 2021.

Antonia Gentry: Height, Weight

Talking about her height, she stands approximately 5 feet and 1 inch, and she weighs about 45 kilograms. She has a pair of hazel eyes and shiny brown hair. Moreover, her body measurements are 30-26-30.

Antonia Gentry: Movies And TV shows

In the film industry, Antonia is a popularly known versatile actress. She started making her debut on the big screen by contributing her outstanding performance in several famous movies and TV shows. 

She also started playing minor roles at the first step of her career. Antonia Gentry’s biography has also been listed on the IMDB website.

Antonia has made her appearance in several movies and TV shows are. Some of them are Ginny and Georgia(from 2021), Candy Jar(2018), Lone Wolf Mason, Driver’s Ed: Tales from the Street, PSA Don’t Text and Drive Pay Attention, and several others.

Antonia Performed Well in her role on ‘Ginny & Georgia.’

Antonia brought up how the inspiration for her character, Ginny, came about her attitude as a young woman. “My mom is Black, she’s from Jamaica… [Growing up] my mom was someone who I could confide in if I ever felt a certain way about my identity because she understood, her being a Black woman,” she said.

Ginny doesn’t really have that with her mom. Georgia tries her best, of course, but there’s always going to be that racial divide. As a biracial person, I learned a lot from playing Ginny. There’s so many different experiences within the multi-racial community,” she continued.

Antonia quickly recognizes the plight African Americans have endured for hundreds of years, but she also acknowledges how different her experience is. “I recognize my own privilege, despite the racism I’ve experienced. Recognizing the OVERT problem is NOT ENOUGH. 

“Racism is a disease that has infected us ALL. Be the cure for yourself, for your community, for your family, for your country. For the world,” she said, a poignant indicator of her stance on the subject.

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