Apple Prepares To Open Some Stores In The US This Week

The ‘lockdown’ that the United States has undergone due to the COVID-19 pandemic has left many Apple stores closed since March. This has not stopped the firm from launching new products, such as the iPhone 2020, the MacBook Air, and the 13-inch MacBook Pro. But of course, this is not an ideal situation for Apple to reopen its outlets too soon.

For this reason, the firm has announced that it will start opening some of its stores next week. An Apple representative has told the News agencies that they will abide by security measures and that they will use their “new social distance protocol” to allow “a limited number of store visitors at a time.”

Even with this announcement, Apple insists that it is advisable to make online purchases without contact or, failing that, make collections in stores. And, seeing the size of the network of these stores, this opening will be very small-scale, perhaps to avoid flare-ups caused by these reopens.

Apple: Ready To Open Some Outlets In The US

Apple is “excited” to make this reopening. Specifically, the stores that would open will be those in Idaho, South Carolina, Alabama, and Alaska. This is a very small number since in all these states there are only 6 stores. Recall that Apple operates some 271 stores in the United States and more than 500 worldwide.

Apple already has several stores open in Asia, Europe and Australia (more than 70) and although it was one of the first companies to close its stores. It has also been one of the most famous in reestablishing its operations in China, the country most affected by COVID-19.

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, assured Bloomberg that only “a few” stores will open by the first half of May. Therefore, it is understood that the stores of the most important states will remain closed until the social distancing and Apple’s protocol is enough to avoid new infections.

What Will Be The Controls And Precautions?

Employees of these stores will have access to temperature controls, will wear face masks and face shields. Masks will also be distributed to customers, and the firm itself ensures that these first days’ stores will focus on repairs.

A large part of Apple customers will not have been able to access the Genius Bar of the Apple Store, leaving their Apple devices there.

Finally, Apple warns that there will be slight modifications to its procedures, which can lead to delays in repairs or waiting problems in case it is necessary to go to the Store in person.

The measure will reach its stores in the states of Idaho, South Carolina, Alabama, and Alaska, where it has only six branches.

The technology giant Apple announced on Friday that it will reopen some of its stores in the US  starting this week with temperature controls at the entrance and allowing a limited number of clients to enter their establishments at the same time during the SARS-Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.

Apple has six physical stores in those states, a small fraction of the 271 points of sale that it has distributed throughout the country and of the 510 worldwide.

Apple has 271 stores in the U.S. and 510 worldwide. In recent weeks, Apple has already reopened some stores in countries such as South Korea, Australia, and Germany, among others.

The bitten apple company explained that it will establish security protocols in all stores to protect its staff and customers from the coronavirus, including temperature controls, social distancing regulations, and the use of face masks.

The entrance to the premises includes temperature control, social distancing and the use of face masks.

Due to the rules of limitation of people within its premises, Apple warned that customers without an appointment may experience delays in their queries or purchases.

The announcement of the start of the gradual reopening of Apple stores in the US caused the value of its shares to grow above 2% on the trading day on Friday.

This week, the multinational presented a new model of its MacBook Pro laptop with a 13-inch screen and a “Magic” keyboard. Thus, the initiative completely abandoned “butterfly”, which in recent years had come under harsh criticism from the users.


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