Ashley Barkis Car Accident: Who Is Ashley Barkis?

Ashley Barkis car accident

In May 2021, a viral video of a violent altercation following a car accident went viral. Ashley Barkis, a native of Oceanside, was seen charging at the other car’s driver, throwing racist questions at them, and pushing them into the oncoming traffic. 

The incident reportedly took place in San Diego. The video sparked outrage on social media, with netizens calling Ashley a racist and a bigot. 

In this article, we will provide more details and facts on the incident that led to Ashley Barkis car accident and viral video.

Ashley Barkis: The Woman Behind the Viral Video

Ashley Barkis, who goes by the handle ‘SAVAGE’ on Instagram, was identified as the woman in the viral video. 

Her Instagram and TikTok accounts were deactivated shortly after the video surfaced. According to her LinkedIn bio, she works as a sales manager at a gym called 24 Hour Fitness. 

However, the gym responded that Ashley had not been their team member for several years.

The Incident: What Happened?

In the video, Ashley was seen angrily charging at the other car’s driver and throwing racial slurs at them. She alleged that the other driver hit her car and demanded to see his driver’s license and insurance papers. 

When the driver pulled out his license, Ashley violently threw it away, physically assaulting the man and the people with him. At one point, Ashley kicked the man into the moving traffic, who landed dangerously close to a speeding car. 

The video also showed the photos of bruises that the other driver’s family members received by being hit by Ashley.

Netizen’s Outrage and Demands for Ashley’s Arrest

Social media users expressed their outrage at Ashley’s violent behavior and racist remarks. They demanded her arrest for attempting to murder the other driver by pushing him into the approaching traffic. 

Some people identified Ashley as an influencer who posts videos of her song covers on Instagram. However, she seemed to delete or deactivate her Instagram and TikTok account after people started commenting on her posts regarding the incident.

Legal Action against Ashley

There is no official confirmation on whether Ashley has been arrested or not. However, some Twitter users claim that she was later arrested. 

The identities of the people from the other car whom Ashley Barkis assaulted are not yet known. It is also not known whether the family filed a legal complaint against the young woman.

The Consequences 

The viral video of Ashley Barkis’s altercation following a car accident has sparked outrage on social media. 

Ashley’s violent behavior and racist remarks have been condemned by netizens, who have demanded her arrest. 

There is no official confirmation on whether legal action has been taken against Ashley. Nevertheless, the incident highlights the importance of responsible and respectful behavior on the roads. 

We hope that incidents like this will serve as a cautionary tale and encourage people to treat others with kindness and respect, even in stressful situations.