Ashley Scott Murder: A Story of Abuse And Betrayal

ashley scott murder

The Ashley Scott murder on Thanksgiving Day in 2006 sent shockwaves through her loved ones, forever altering their lives. 

Ashley Scott was found unresponsive at her home, bearing horrific injuries that raised suspicions about her husband, Jeffrey Scott.

The authorities launched an inquiry into their relationship, determined to uncover the truth behind this tragic incident that unfolded on a day of gratitude and togetherness.

Ashley’s Life and Relationship 

Born in November 1978, Ashley Pittman Scott grew up in Bossier City, Louisiana.

After completing her education at Ouachita Baptist University, she crossed paths with Jeffrey Scott, a business major. Love blossomed, and the couple exchanged vows in June 2001. 

Ashley pursued a career as an English teacher in Memphis, Tennessee, where the couple resided.

At approximately 3:46 pm on November 23, 2006, Jeffrey made a distressing call to emergency services, reporting his wife’s injuries and profuse bleeding. 

Responding officers found Ashley on the bedroom floor, her body marked by extensive blunt force trauma, including a skull fracture, brain swelling, and numerous bruises. Most disturbingly, a shoe print was visible on her lifeless form.

During the investigation, Jeffrey Scott claimed that a heated argument had escalated into physical violence the night before Ashley’s death. 

However, his account contradicted the autopsy report, which documented multiple injuries and revealed a history of abuse. 

Friends and acquaintances came forward, shedding light on instances of verbal and emotional mistreatment Ashley endured, including a chilling episode in which Jeffrey had strangled her.

Jeffrey’s Affair and Troubled Relationship

It came to light that Jeffrey had engaged in an intermittent affair with Virginia Brown, a co-worker, over several years. 

Astonishingly, Ashley and Virginia had become friends. Reports surfaced of Ashley enduring punches and suffering attacks by Jeffrey. 

Ashley’s family revealed their estrangement after she met Jeffrey, with their exclusion from the couple’s wedding becoming a painful symbol of the growing divide.

The Verdict and Justice Served

The tragic Ashley Scott murder serves as a somber reminder of the devastating consequences of abuse and betrayal within intimate relationships. 

It became clear from the evidence that Ashley had planned to leave Jeffrey in the days before she was killed. The prosecution says that it was thought that Ashley Scott had decided to leave Jeffrey in the days before the incident.

According to the information presented on the show, she had talked to a lawyer and even put clothes in the trunk of her car to show that she wanted to divorce her husband.

Tragically, on the night of  Ashley Scott murder, a violent altercation occurred between Jeffrey and Ashley, resulting in Jeffrey inflicting severe injuries upon her. 

A broken vase was visible in the living room, and what appeared to be blood or bodily fluid was found in the garage.

In January 2009, Jeffrey, who was 32 years of age at that point, confronted conviction for second-degree murder. Thusly, the next month, he got a sentence of 25 years in jail without conceivable parole.

As per accessible records, Jeffrey is carrying out his punishment at the Bledsoe Region Restorative Complex in Pikeville, Tennessee.

He is expected to remain incarcerated until his sentence concludes in April 2030.

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