Atticus Firey CEO & Visionary Entrepreneur

Atticus Firey, CEO & Visionary Entrepreneur

Today we have a very interactive and successful personality with us. Atticus Firey is a visionary entrepreneur with an accomplished career spanning multiple industries from Music, Entertainment, Consumer Packaged Goods, Technology, and Consumer Electronics, distinguishes himself amongst his peers by possessing a dynamic, growth-oriented mindset, fuelled by an obsessive emphasis on brand strategy, innovation, world-class execution. As both a skilled negotiator and gifted communicator, he develops successful, trusting personal relationships with investors, customers, brand advocates, partners and team members from diverse cultures, and fosters strong international bonds with industry leaders, politicians, and heads of state.

As Chief Executive Officer of his holding company, he manages a global portfolio of rapidly growing, market-driven consumer products and services. Firey Holding ventures have realized impressive growth through a combination of strategic acquisitions, licensing agreements, innovative product development, and creative digital marketing initiatives leveraging his personal network of celebrities and influencers, now rapidly becoming a significant challenger in the competitive music and entertainment industry.

Prior to leading Firey Holdings Group, Atticus served as Chief Strategy Officer at Blue River Interactive, a Sacramento-based developer of marketing infrastructure and content management technologies, where he successfully directed brand strategy and target acquisitions. His career path also includes the role of President and Chief Operating Officer of Meguiar’s, Inc. Under his leadership, he propelled annual sales growth from $27M to $280M, culminating in the #1 market share position globally, before being acquired by 3M for $980M


How would you describe your career when asked what you do for a living?

I manage, and own equity in, a variety of companies all sharing a common purpose of providing innovative products, services and experiences to lifestyle minded consumers passionate about music, movies, sport, fashion, and community.

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How did you originally get into the entertainment industry?

That’s a very interesting question, because I would love to say that it was a grand master plan, that I spent time strategically plotting its course, but the reality is it happened over the years, through a variety of circumstances that allowed my preparation to meet awesome opportunities-and the rest has been history as they say. For example, Snoop Dogg and I owned a company together in the automotive sector, which evolved into a record label that I ran with one of his artists from the Dogg Pound, Mac Lucci. Then last year, while launching my new artist at the Billboard Music Awards, I was recruited by a highly successful Movie Production Studio and Media Firm as their new Executive Producer in Hollywood. So interesting and awesome situations like that, which you can’t really plan for if you tried to do it intentionally.

What do you accredit your success to, in spite of spanning across multiple business sectors?

I don’t view companies based upon the product or service they offer, I focus on the consumers. A company could be selling anything from toothpicks to tampons, but my constant obsession and focus are keenly on consumer behavior, which consistently operates in predictable patterns of repetition, making the products and industry irrelevant in my ability to connect with the consumer emotion and intellect.

What are some of your greatest challenges, and what is your greatest attribute when it comes to your work ethic?

Since I have 5 wonderful children, my biggest challenge has always been finding the proper work-life balance. Without question, my single greatest attribute has been my incredibly high-level of expectations for myself and those around me. Secondarily, I can say it’s been the sense-of-urgency I was born with because if I expect more than you do and I act quicker than you do, I’m going to win and you’re going to lose!

How people should contact you?

I am active on social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter (Feel free to get in touch)


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