Carrie Hansen

"I am Social media lover. Helped 100's of businesses and created multiple business strategies for almost 10 industries. Apart from that, I am a funky Beer expert. Hardcore food practitioner. Entrepreneur. Reader. Travel specialist. Gamer."
Why Entrepreneurs Should Make Traveling A Priority

Why Entrepreneurs Should Make Traveling A Priority?

Entrepreneurs need to explore. You cannot be stuck in a job mentality that you are just sitting all day and expect to fly like…

Brooke Mason Creative

Brooke Mason Creative – We Redefine Businesses to Make them Brands

The past few years are marked by the advancement of cutting-edge technology. Marketing has changed drastically in these years. Such advancement is great…

Ioffers shopping website

Everything About the iOffer Shutdown and Counterfeiting

iOffer went offline from February 25 to March 4, 2019, saying that it is undergoing maintenance. But in reality, there was a gigantic backlash…