Emilie Shawn

An Entrepreneur and a motivational speaker, teaches business communication in a reputed college.
Etika youtuber found dead

Etika – A Famous YouTuber Ended Up Taking His Life

We are going to discuss the prominent American YouTube “Etika” and some of his controversies which followed by taking his life. So, keys begin…


Wayfair- A Company You Want To Know (History | Culture & Stocks)

In this article, we will guide you everything about Wayfair from its history to laying off employees. So if you…

socinova social media marketing company

Vedarth Deshpande: Leading A Social Media Company and Inspiring Young Entrepreneurs

Developments in technology have completely changed the way businesses operate. Previously, physical presence, in terms of stores and kiosks was extremely important for a…

How Swedish Entrepreneur Fredrik Hjort Made Business Financing Easy

How Swedish Entrepreneur Fredrik Hjort Made Business Financing Easy?

In some trade areas, the effects of consumer power are apparent. For example, the price for electronics and other mass produced products are on…

VaVichi clothiers

VaVichi Clothiers- The Evolution of a Rising Fashion Brand

VaVichi clothiers is an online USA based well-known evolving international fashion brand which is famous for its finest quality attires and innovative modern styles….

steve job and bill gates

Why Bill Gates Says That Steve Jobs Was An Imbecile?

The talent of Steve Jobs comes back to light with these magical words of his counterpart Bill Gates. “The words are, as I would…

Carlos Ghosn Got Trapped In His Own Web Of Greed And Got Arrested In Tokyo

The Greed Of Carlos Ghosn Made Him Fall From Grace

The Monday turned out to be a dramatic twist for one of the prime names in the worldwide industry of automobile when the CEO…

inspiration leaders

15 mistakes that could hinder your leadership

Simon Senek said ‘Leadership is not about the next election, it’s about the next generation,’ but it’s in your hands to influence the next…

What is Business Strategy? Complete Overview 2018

Introduction: Over the past 25 years, the business strategies have been changed significantly. Many organizations have learned to analyze the competitive…

7 Ways to be a better leader than others

7 Ways to be a better leader than others

Becoming a leader comes along with a lot of responsibilities. It is said that with great power comes with great responsibilities but…

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