Sarah Olray

I am a writer and journalist based in Singapore. Since the start of my career, I have been in Content Marketing and have proven record by featuring businesses, products and technology on various news outlets like Forbes,,,,

Atled – Helping Businesses Expand and Reach their Goals

Human capital development is one of the most important parts of a company’s achievement. The most treasured asset that any organization enjoys is its…

the nuclear effect

The Nuclear Effect – All you need to know about building a successful Business

It is no secret that starting a business requires time, effort, and money. The process can get a little tiring, but the results can…


Brendan Cox Shares His Secrets To Success in His New Book Titled “Strictly Business”

Successful businesses are typically the result of extensive experience and hard work. They demand strong will, determination, and often a little bit of luck….

Living in an AI world made easier

Ernesto.Net – Living in an AI world made easier 

In 2015, IT departments in the United States alone listed 14,900 AI jobs.  Other business units outside of IT listed 89,895 AI jobs. In…


Club Fundraising: Helping Non-Profit Organizations Stay Afloat Effortlessly

Balancing the books while ensuring that your organization adequately serves its purpose for the greater good is one of the most common challenges that…


Kanye West: A Famous, Rich Celebrity with Many Controversies

In this article, we will try to know about celebrity Kanye West and his life controversies. So, let’s get started Who is Kanye West? Kanye West,…

Andrew Anastasiou

Andrew Anastasiou: The Most Thriving Fintech Entrepreneur of 2020

The COVID-19 has not only reshaped our lives entirely, but it has also sped up the influx of technology in every aspect of the…


James Charles Speaks Up About Tati Westbrook and Shane Dawson Drama

Over a week ago that glamour guru Tati Westbrook revealed her YouTube silence after almost two months to talk openly about her side…

The Winning Brand Helping Businesses

The Winning Brand: Helping Businesses ‘Win’ and Reach New Heights of Success

The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped the entire world. Almost every industry in the world is facing disruptions, and no business is immune to…

KKONA The Meaning

KKONA: The Meaning Of The Slang Term

If you are an online gamer or a frequent user of the streaming site then you might come across the slang term KKONA. This…