Sofia Mendela

I am Sofia Mendela. My passion is to write about new businesses, leadership and capture interesting stories. I am quick in research and craft better stories.
Daniel Mangena

Daniel Mangena: Helping People Discover Their True Purpose In Life

For most of us, life is like a race. Since childhood, we are taught to strive for top-level education and get the perfect job…

Services For Pregnant Women

How To Start A Company Of Products And Services For Pregnant Women?

Almost a million women become pregnant in the United States every year. It is an interesting figure for entrepreneurs who want to cover…

123movies alternatives

123Movies Capturing Viewership Through Its Free Content

123Movies is the widely famous website that successfully gets the title of the ‘most popular illegal site in the world’ because of its huge…

Guccio Gucci Biography – A Man Gives A Branding Charm To A Fashion Industry 

Guccio Gucci was one of the…


Is Google Really Making Us Stupid? – Technology Effects Or What!

A technology writer Nicholas G. Carr wrote a magazine article named, Is Google Making Us Stupid? What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains!. Which…


Property Management (Best Practices & Useful Tips)

Property management is a manager’s supervision of property, in place of the property’s owner. The owner hires the property manager to handle daily…

Essential Project Management Tips For Organizations

Essential Project Management Tips For Organizations

It isn’t unusual for projects to cost more than expected, take longer than planned, or grow beyond their intended size or scope. Effective project…

Great Personal Development Or Self Help Tips

Great Personal Development Or Self Help Tips To Help You Move Forward

By implementing proven, time tested personal development strategies people have been able to make their deepest desires come true. Most people desire to…

Nector Social Trending

One Of The Top Social Selling App Is Now Trending Worldwide

Search. Find. Post. Explore your interests now through Nectar and expand your global reach. Rod A. Ponce, MBA, the founder of Nectar has…

Brussels Investigates Amazon For Possible Abuse With Customer And Supplier Data

Brussels Investigates Amazon For Possible Abuse With Customer And Supplier Data

The European Commission opens a formal investigation after noting that the company could be taking advantage of information from companies that use the platform. Brussels…

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