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Christine Reidhead (Founder and CEO of AfrikRising)

Today, we have a  versatile and a dynamic entrepreneur Christine Reidhead with us who is a Business Professor, Founder and CEO of AfrikRising,…

Scott Allan

Scott Allan: Founder of Sallan Global

 An exclusive interview with Scott Allan. Founder of Sallan Global. He is a Social Sales, Business Development, Outsourcing & Online Marketing Expert. Scott Allan is…

Ammad Nafasat

Ammad Nafasat: A Rising Star in the Startup World

Ammad Nafsat is an economics student at Depaul University in Chicago. He seems like a normal undergrad student striving for a degree to find…

Harvey Kesner

Harvey Kesner, Corporate Lawyer at Law Office of Harvey J. Kesner

Harvey Kesner is a licensed corporate lawyer, specializing in corporate finance and the structuring of complex transactions, both domestically and internationally….

How To Do A Market Study If You Have A Small Business

How To Do A Market Study If You Have A Small Business?

Someday a thought comes to your mind with a groundbreaking idea that you cannot miss, but your entrepreneurial vision is too particular and the…

J.D. Perry of Baton Rouge Head of Moss Point Financial

J.D. Perry of Baton Rouge, Head of Moss Point Financial

J.D. Perry of Baton Rouge, LA has the reputation of a tenacious and enthusiastic executive in the financial services industry. He is the…


Creativity: The Key To Boost Your Business

Innovation is the best way to boost any company. Being curious and observing, but also being constant, is the tools to encourage creativity. If…

Alex Diana Young Entrepreneur

Alex Diana, Young And Inspiring Entrepreneur

Mr. Alex Diana, 21-year-old Entrepreneur, He is currently living in Florida. He has been investing in stocks and cryptocurrency for 4 years…

Why Successful People Believe They Are Better Than Others

Why Successful People Believe They Are Better Than Others?

Let’s take a brief look at the big businessmen of today. Jack Ma began his professional career taking foreigners on his bike, traveling up…

Roberto Hroval PatentReal Corporation

Roberto Hroval, A Man Who Looks Into Future

Mr. Roberto Hroval, the founder and chairman of Hong Kong-based PatentReal Corporation, is a serial entrepreneur. He is often referred to as…

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