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Shmulik Fishman

Q&A with Argyle CEO Shmulik Fishman

Shmulik Fishman is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Argyle – an infrastructure-as-a-service company that makes workforce data (everything from UBER to…

Vikas Shah, CEO of DiningHour Australia

Vikas Shah, CEO of DiningHour Australia

Let us ask 10 questions with Mr. Vikas Shah in this interview to know what he has done so far and what…

Joel Arun Sursas

Joel Arun Sursas – Head of Clinical Affairs At Biorithm

Let’s take a quick introduction of Dr. Joel Arun Sursas before we start our questions with him today. Joel Arun is…

Simone Wu

Simone Wu, Digital Marketing Specialist

An interesting interview with Simone Wu who is a digital marketing enthusiast and currently working with CouponBirds. Let’s get to know…

Phillip Green UK entrepreneur

5 Most Successful UK Entrepreneurs

The United Kingdom (UK) has been ranked the fourth most entrepreneurial nation in the world and the first most entrepreneurial nation in Europe, as…

what is business entrepreneurship

What is Business Entrepreneurship and How It Works

Entrepreneurship does not have a single universally acknowledged definition. Different people and sources state different definitions of business entrepreneurship. It can be defined as…

Racquel R. Jenkins

Racquel R. Jenkins, CEO of THE Strategic Connection

Today, We have a very versatile personality with us Racquel R. Jenkins. She is a CEO of THE Strategic Connection – Relationship Designer, Master…

Cyber Security

Getting Started with Cyber Security for Your Business

Cybercrime is on the rise. Whether you’re a small business or an expanding startup, setting up cyber security systems is imperative nowadays. Even if…

Tammy Sorrento Highly Inspiring Personality and Business Owner

Tammy Sorrento, Highly Inspiring Personality and Business Owner

Today, we are going to hold a mic for one of the courageous investigators. Tammy Sorrento is a genius who serves as a property…

The company El Distro Network is a talent platform which aims to offer a supporting craft for all of the future singers. The company facilitates in through following services, mixing and mastering, music marketing, distribution, Video, and graphic design, publishing administration, neighboring rights and cater in many other ways regarding music

El Distro, A music Promotional Agency: Harmonizes The Dreams Of Youngsters & Delivers A Waving Flag Of Fame

Whenever we talk about music, it always creates a frame of fame and our mind clicks all of the popular singers with worldwide success….