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Pedram Zohrevand Vizaca Magazine

Pedram Zohrevand: President of CES4

Pedram Zohrevand is an experienced engineer with many professional publications under his belt. He has 20 years of experience in the industry and is…

Matutu Nyabangey CEO of HoookedUP

Matutu Nyabangey: CEO of HoookedUP

Interview with Matutu Nyabangey, Founder & CEO of HoookedUP. He worked in the health care industry for about 10 years, He is also currently working…

Ravi Bahethi President Of Terranet Inc

Ravi Bahethi: President of Terranet Inc

Ravi Bahethi is a systems engineer expert and president of Terranet, Inc. Since 1991, Maryland-based company Terranet has been providing scientific and technical support…

Dimitris Kapetanakis Talented Greek Artist

Dimitris Kapetanakis: Talented Greek Artist

Dimitris Kapetanakis is a Greek pop singer, songwriter, and music producer. He was born in Thessaloníki and from a very young age started engaging…

David Reagan Interview

David Reagan: Atlanta-based Personal Trainer

David Reagan is a professional and certified personal trainer from Atlanta, We have asked him a couple of interesting questions of what he does and how…


Matthew Conklin, Founder of Lucid Socks

Interview with Matthew Conklin, founder of Lucid Socks. Conklin is a young entrepreneur from Tampa, Florida. Who is involved in many ventures such…

Rishad Thahir Entrepreneur

Rishad Thahir: IT Entrepreneur & Founder of Rish Academy

Interview with Rishad Thahir, IT Entrepreneur and a founder of Rish Academy. Let’s have some questions with Rishad Thahir about his life and success. Thank…

Faye A Eldridge Managing Director & Founder

Faye A Eldridge: Managing Director & Founder

Faye A Eldridge is known as a Marketing person & business developer from a target driven sales background. Faye A Eldridge is a…

CEO and Founder of NAOSSOFT Phanel Petit

Phanel Petit: CEO of NAOSSOFT LLC

Interview with Phanel Petit who is a CEO and Owner of digital startup NAOSSOFT LLC.  Tell us about yourself? My name is Phanel Petit, I…


Frankie Quiroz: CEO & Founder of Tuned in Tokyo

Interview with Frankie Quiroz is the Founder of Tuned in Tokyo and several other clothing brands. Starting from rock bottom in a…

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