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Vizaca Contributor's are highly professional writers with diversified knowledge and experience. We are team of global writers, entrepreneurs and marketers who loves to share right information to our readers.
Mariett Ramm

Mariett Ramm: Public Relations Expert

Mariett Ramm is an International PR Authority, a Digital Content Creator Pro, a Master Storyteller, and a Bestselling Co-author. She has single-handedly built…

Rishab Bhatt A Young Entrepreneur

Rishab Bhatt – A Young Entrepreneur & Software Engineer

Rishab Bhatt has been developing apps and websites since he was 10 years old. His first significant website was a text and file-sharing website,…

Brian Condenanza EntrepreneurCTO of Bidao

Brian Condenanza: Young Entrepreneur & CTO of Bidao

Brian Condenanza is an Argentine entrepreneur, currently working as CTO of Bidao, a startup in decentralized finance. He has worked in numerous successful blockchain…

Marcos Vinicio Vargas Founder CEO at Ainnova Tech

Marcos Vinicio Vargas: Founder & CEO at Ainnova Tech

Interview with Marcos Vinicio Vargas who is a founder and CEO of Ainnova Tech. A company is dedicated to delivering Artificial intelligence software, applications…

Vivek Ganta

Meet Vivek Ganta: A Young Passionate Immigrant Entrepreneur

Vivek Ganta is a founder of Masala Code, Integration Solutions LLC and VRSV One Inc. He came to New York City from India and…

Marco Streng

Genesis Mining CEO Marco Streng

Coming from a background in mathematics, Marco Streng became involved with Bitcoin by studying emerging and self-organizing networks. Marco has taken part in the…

Melissa Williams Founder

Melissa Williams, Founder Of WNY Holdings LLC

Interview with Melissa Williams, co-founder of WNY Holdings LLC. WNY Holdings offers various digital marketing services to small businesses and focus on creating an…

Rohan Gurram Founder of ColdStart

Rohan Gurram, Founder of ColdStart

My name is Rohan Gurram. Currently, I am a junior at Yale University. I am majoring in Economics. I am the founder of a…

Roberto Casula, Eni Senior Executive on the Future of the Energy Industry

Roberto Casula, Eni Senior Executive on the Future of the Energy Industry

We recently had the opportunity to interview Roberto Casula, Eni Senior Executive and one of the more knowledgeable and articulate business leaders in…

Paul Weston

Paul Weston, CEO and Co-Founder of Snazzy Media Group

Paul Weston, a seasoned professional Businessman, Engineer and Entrepreneur with current business interests in the United Kingdom, Qatar and Dubai. He is Managing Director…

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