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In the digital age, websites have become home to everything from information to even online services. Unfortunately, some websites are poorly designed and difficult to navigate.

It can take a lot to ensure a website’s design and navigation is intuitive and even more to design a website that is beautiful.

Thankfully, there are individuals who specialize in creating user-centric and beautiful websites. Min Huei Lu is one such person. She is a UI/UX designer who has worked with top companies, including CVS, Aetna, Xfinity, Comcast, and more. 

She is an award-winning designer, and her work and has been featured in 30 exhibitions—spanning multiple countries such as Italy, China, Turkey, and India.

Min’s story began in Taipei, Taiwan, where she was born and raised. From a young age, she had an interest in the arts. She frequently participated in art and design competitions throughout middle school, high school and college. 

After graduating from college, she started working for a local design studio, creating branding assets for local shops, restaurants, dance studios and bars.

She went on to start her first job as a UX/UI designer and was responsible for designing the interface for parking payment machines for the Industrial Technology Research Institute in Taiwan.

Wanting to become an expert in UX/UI design, she decided to pursue her MFA in Graphic Design at the San Francisco Academy of Art University—where she specialized in digital product design.

Commenting on her experience at the University, Min explained: “My time at the art institute was incredibly enriching. My thesis, titled ‘Artificial Intelligence in Design,’ achieved tremendous success and won the prestigious A’Design Award Silver Award. The thesis explored the impact of artificial intelligence in the design industry and how designers can adapt to the development of AI software in their work and the industry.”

She went on to attend the UX/UI Bootcamp and Digital Marketing Bootcamp at UC Berkeley. After graduating, she was able to work on everything from website designs to TV commercials. Her work earned her multiple awards and was featured in exhibitions across the world.

Min was quickly picked up by multiple top US companies from CVS to Xfinity to work on their branding efforts. Today, she works as the Lead Brand and UX/UI Designer at Gong Cha — a Global tea franchise brand.

There she leads the design team that is responsible for brand identity, interior space design for tea rooms, social media, website design, app development, and in-store kiosk design.

One of the greatest lessons she has learned and advice she has for other aspiring designers is, in her words: “Stay curious, keep up with the latest design trends and technologies, and continuously expand your knowledge and skill set. The more versatile you are as a designer, the better equipped you will be to tackle new challenges and deliver innovative solutions.”

All in all, Min Huei Lu is a versatile designer whose ability to create visually appealing and user-centric digital experiences has resulted in her becoming an award-winning designer, featuring her work in countries across the globe.

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