Baby Halloween Costumes: Dressing the Little One as He Deserves To Be This Halloween

Baby Halloween Costumes

Halloween is coming! If you are looking for the best baby Halloween costumes then what better time to look for one in this month.

End of October brings about one of the most awaited and prestigious days in the United States: Halloween. This is the day where sales sky rocket, families engage in various indoor activities and all of the spirit of the day along with community building happens.

On this day, everyone dresses for the occasion and takes time and effort together to bring their joy to life. Whether it is Halloween costumes for kids, couples, adults or family, everyone loves to dress up! And what better occasion than Halloween, than to draw eyes and dress the little one with baby Halloween costumes.

Whether it is a cute costume of a bat, or a pumpkin, they can for sure be magnets for the party guests, as everyone knows, no family is complete without the toddler. Here’s a list of all the cutie-patootie costumes for your little monsters to make their Halloween memorable.

We have compiled a list for you so that your little one doesn’t feel left out on this long-awaited day. The best thing about our list is not only their appearance, but also their multiple functionality which can work wonders for young or any parent who needs time to focus on other ongoing conundrums. Here are some of our best picks:

Baby Lion


Baby Lion $29.99

As the baby is going to turn into a lion someday, this metaphor can be realised fully by this costume. Especially if you are living in a cold city, then this baby bunting is a must-have. This baby Halloween costume has a zipper, which is perfect for keeping your baby comfortable at any time.

Simply put your little one into this wonderfully comfortable fleece jumpsuit or you can simply take it off without hassle. Along with making the kid comfy, he can also look adorable and can turn Simba.

Cute Rabbit


Cute Rabbit $18.89

All of our childhoods were probably shaped by the Looney Tunes character Bugs Bunny, and there is no doubt that he was designed to be a cute central character. One of the cutest costumes for Halloween is this cotton-made Cute Rabbit Design with a pair of long ears, zipper, and hoodie.

Your baby will look like a cutie bunny and is easy to manage. With this exemption of extra hassle, this costume can be utilised for multiple occasions. A zip-up onesie is made for your infant to make their Halloween super cool with a costume that is super comfy for all day.

Caterpillar Swaddle


Caterpillar Swaddle $17.99

As your baby is crawling and swerling here and there, it would not be a better fit for her than being dressed as a caterpillar. And as it’s never been more amusing to post pictures of your babies on social media apps, you can post some amazing clicks which are sure to garner enough clicks and views that would make your home feed topple.

With a tight swaddle style, this costume creates a very hungry caterpillar look to handle your baby with care. You can also use this Cuddle Club wrap as a blanket to keep your baby warm.

Baby Shark


Baby Shark $54.95

Nothing is more exciting than dressing your baby as their favorite character on Halloween. Keep singing Baby shark do-do-do-do for your baby, they’ll never get bored of it. Literally, your baby will look super adorable wearing this costume. You can be their mommy or daddy shark too.

The costume is made with 100% polyester, making it comfortable to use and wear. Enclosed with a zipper, it is also machine washable and also dry clean friendly.

By dressing up as a baby shark, your baby will take the bite out of the candies he will find. Make his chomps memorable by dressing him up as nature and performing the required antics for a spooky day!

Lovely Panda


Lovely Panda $16.99 - $20.99

Plushy baby panda is an adorable idea for your baby to make them look unique and stylish because black and white looks lovely on everyone.

The bottom of this costume features a zipper for simple diaper changes, which creates wonders and eliminates all of the unnecessary tension which usually comes at all the wrong times.

Chomping away and procrastinating would look natural with this costume, and your little one can chew on all the sweets he can muster and look adorable like a panda while doing so.This costume is also wash friendly.

Charming Astronaut


Charming Astronaut $40.99

Babies are considered a blessing for God, and this astronaut costume is the perfect testament to this gift. The dress is cozy and warm, it will keep your little sweethearts comfortable all day long. The material is super soft, which will make them look distinctive.

Especially with all the space attention given in the news to man proclaiming unchartered territory, the baby can also be part of current affairs. By stepping on the party as an astronaut, it would be one small step for him, one giant one for the family.

As exploring the unexplored is in the nature of any baby, he can look the part while doing so. It would be natural for her to explore all the candies, and naturally with all of the other parents and adults around would feel like an alien. To counter this effect and to add some level of mystery, this costume will just look adorable on him.

Baby Bear


Baby Bear $29.99

Made with 100% cotton and very comfortable to wear, this blanket wrap with beary looks very unique. Inherited with a design catering to safety and security, the baby is wrapped in such a way that prevents his extra-movements and spontaneous reactions.

The baby while learning to enjoy comfortable apparel and rests, the parents can also rest as a result. After all, a baby is a continuous growth being, and this costume along with him can grow with its adjustable design.

Now, your baby can swaddle all he wants while the parents would not need to worry about changing or buying new costumes every other month.

Baby Superman


Baby Superman $29.99 - $33.99

Machine washable and made with soft 60% cotton and 40% polyester fabric, this costume with its zupper would look super on the baby superkid. After all, super-parents deserve a superkid, and what better costume to look the part than to don a cape.

With an adorable design printed on the front, the cape and the footwear, this easy to wear and easy to wash costume makes the kid look cute, cuddly and adorable. The cape is of satin material, which makes its flow compliment the crawling and sudden movements of your little one.

Baby Yoda


Baby Yoda $37.00

The best one for the last, this costume is the perfect one for parents who grew up with Star Wars. Complimenting the universe if the parents are wearing similar costumes, this 100% polyester costume features pull on closure and is officially licensed. This costume features a headpiece and robe with attached hand covers, which makes the baby all more cute and adorable while looking the part.

Although we are aware that the little green guy would be referred to as Yoda, that is the beauty of the costume, even though he is never referred to by this name in the show. Not only that, when your kid dons this costume, not only would he look (more adorable) than the part, but his eating, his cuteness overloaded and his looks would be just like baby Yoda, in the show. And just like Yoda, he would experience all of his adventures, with you by his side.

Donning the Little Hat

As everyone is entitled to a good scare on this day, baby Halloween costumes can surely be a source of cuteness and can also cover the theme of the party as well. The purpose of this day is to reminisce about the roots of this tradition, face the unknown, and wonder whether any dead are living on the land of the undead.

Family times are incomplete without the one-year-old, and jelling of the whole family together on this day only cements the bond, further. After all, children are the main source of energy for these kinds of parties.

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