Breakup Drama of Xandra Pohl and the Claim of a Homeless Man’s Murder: What’s Behind Jack Touzet Trending?

What's Behind Jack Touzet Trending

Jack Touzet faces accusations from Reddit and broke up with famous DJ Xandra Pohl, making him Trending on TikTok. He’s 22 and the son of Rudy Touzet Sr., a billionaire businessman at Banyan Street Capital.

Jack Touzet, well-known on TikTok as the boyfriend of famous influencer and DJ Xandra Pohl, faces some accusations that have not yet been made public. There have been talks on Reddit about an alleged incident involving a homeless man.

This news, coupled with Xandra Pohl’s recent TikTok post in which she announced that they had broken up, made Jack a trending topic on TikTok.


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Jack is 22 years old and the son of Rudy Touzet Sr., a billionaire businessman. Jack studied business at the University of Miami Herbert School and works as an associate at his father’s firm, Banyan Street Capital.

Xandra and Jack had been in a relationship for three years but recently broke up. In her recent TikTok post, Xandra explained that they had parted ways a month ago and needed time to process her emotions before discussing it publicly. She also shared that part of adulthood is knowing when to move on and do what’s best for oneself. 

As for the accusations against Jack, no further information is available. However, if more details become available, they will likely be widely shared on social media.

A 23-year-old person who creates content online recently ended a relationship but did not disclose the reason why. They were noticeably upset and shared that they’ve been in relationships since they were 15 and have never been single for more than a month. This suggests that the breakup may be tough for them because they are used to having a partner. However, we don’t know any other details about the situation.

Speculations against Jack Touzet explored amid breakup with Xandra Pohl

In the Reddit post, journalist Noah Goldberg said:

“I am a reporter with the Los Angeles Times looking into the allegations that have been raised about Jack Touzet and an encounter he had with a homeless man.”

A journalist from the Los Angeles Times named Noah Goldberg is investigating allegations against Jack Touzet. The allegations relate to an encounter Jack had with a homeless man, but the details are not clear. Noah is asking anyone with direct knowledge of what happened to come forward and share their story. He promises to keep sources confidential. Noah wants to find out more information and get to the bottom of what really happened.

Recently, rumors have been spreading on TikTok about Jack, who is known for his relationship with Xandra. One user, @l1vr0se, mentioned in a video that people have commented on Xandra’s profile about Jack “unaliving” a homeless man. However, it is important to note that no evidence supports these accusations and should not be taken as truth.

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Another user, @livinwithnic, posted a reaction video about Xandra and Jack’s breakup. In the comments, someone falsely claimed that Jack hit a homeless man with his truck while under the influence of alcohol. These claims are untrue and should not be believed without proper evidence.

Xandra’s followers suspected that she and Jack Touzet had broken up for some time, as they noticed his absence from Xandra’s social media and her lack of content in general. However, there is no clear information available about the murder allegations against Jack Touzet at this time. We will continue to provide updates as more information becomes available.

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