Belgian Faked Death: Pulling Off A Prank On Loved One

belgian faked death

The internet is filled with inexplicable and strange tales. One such instance is the peculiar case of David Baerten, a Belgian individual who staged his own demise as a surprising gesture for his loved ones.

The mystery behind Belgian faked death unfolds like a captivating mystery, leaving a stunned community grappling with the shocking reality of his audacious act.

However, the most extraordinary aspect of the narrative was yet to come. Allegedly, the supposed deceased unexpectedly appeared at his funeral, arriving in a helicopter and leaving everyone genuinely shocked.

The reason why Baerten went through such extremes was to celebrate his 40th birthday in style. 

He even hired actors to mourn him and sent his family’s grief to the next level. 

Amidst the ceremony, Baerten’s dearest companions and family members convened for a complete funeral experience with floral arrangements, heartfelt speeches, and even published obituaries.

However, in a remarkable turn of events during the funeral proceedings, Baerten suddenly made his entrance, descending from a helicopter, as depicted in the Tiktok video, as if he had miraculously come back to life.

The surprise was so shocking that some guests fainted while others had a hard time taking it in. What was even more surprising was that he was not punished for any related legal acts.

How the Hoax Was Orchestrated?

In order to propagate the news of Baerten’s fabricated demise, one of his children resorted to social media, penning a heartfelt tribute to her father. 

In her post, she expressed, “May you rest in peace, Daddy. Thoughts of you will never cease. Why must life be so unjust? Why did it have to be you? You were on the brink of becoming a grandfather, with an entire lifetime ahead of you. I love you! We love you! Your memory will forever be etched in our hearts.”

The deception was meticulously orchestrated, culminating in Baerten’s arrival at the funeral via a helicopter, causing profound astonishment and disbelief among his family and friends.

The fake funeral, which was held near the city of Liege, was attended by dozens of people dressed in black who believed they were paying their last respects to their loved one.

Baerten’s “Return from the Dead”

As Baerten emerged from the helicopter, he greeted his mourners with disbelief and surprise, saying, “Cheers to you all, welcome to my funeral.”

The prankster was accompanied by a camera crew who captured the reactions of his family and friends as they realized he was indeed alive.

Some people were relieved at Baerten’s “return from the dead” and ran through a field to give him a hug once he landed, while others were confused about what was happening.

A small number of funeral attendees were also less than pleased with Baerten, which forced him to explain himself.

Why Baerten Did It?

Baerten revealed to the media that his motive behind the prank was rooted in his dissatisfaction with the way his family and friends treated him. 

He expressed his disappointment over seldom receiving invitations to social gatherings or events, which made him feel undervalued and unappreciated.

“What I see in my family often hurts me,” Baerten said. “I never get invited to anything. Nobody sees me. We all grew apart. I felt unappreciated. That’s why I wanted to give them a life lesson and show them that you shouldn’t wait until someone is dead to meet up with them.”

People’s reaction to Belgian fake death

The astonishing incident sent shockwaves across the globe, garnering widespread media attention. 

Yet, for certain individuals, Baerten’s audacious act did not come as a surprise. Throughout his life, he had built a reputation as a mischievous prankster and jester. 

Moreover, his close friends and family recalled how he had frequently expressed his aspiration to orchestrate something truly extraordinary for his 40th birthday celebration.

While Baerten’s birthday prank was undeniably unique, another recent viral story continues to captivate public attention. 

Even after the truth behind the prank was unveiled, certain individuals expressed anger towards Baerten for subjecting them to an emotional rollercoaster. In contrast, others applauded him for successfully executing the ultimate prank. 

The TikToker, boasting a following of nearly 165,000, claimed that several loved ones had reached out to him following the prank, demonstrating genuine concern for his well-being.
“In a way, I did emerge victorious as those who were absent made an effort to contact me and arrange a meeting,” he remarked.

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