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The Truth About Ben Richardson’s Girlfriend – Are They Still Together?

Ben Richardson Girlfriend Anna

Ben Richardson’s girlfriend, Anna Kendrick is best known as a famous movie actress. 

The couple has been together for eight years now since they started dating in 2014. The couple parted ways hence there are no sources that confirm whether they have been engaged or not. 

Anna Kendrick always had been prone to keep her personal relationships off the public radar, even though she has been in several of the top-rated films in recent memory.

She avoids discussing her partners in public and never shares information about them online.

The actress has apparently broken her silence regarding her love life, speaking candidly with the journalist Dax Shepard on his show Armchair Expert about a previous affair.

Well, as far as keeping it private, it isn’t easy, as you are proving right now,” Anna claimed to a journalist during an interview with Fairfax Media.

Ben produced the 2013 indie movie Drinking Buddies, in which the actress Anna also starred. Although she never explicitly stated how they first met, that’s likely how their relationship started.

In the film Happy Christmas, the producer Ben—who previously contributed to the famous movie “The Fault In Our Stars“—reunited with Anna once more for professional reasons.

The couple hasn’t been seen together on the red carpet since they started dating and hasn’t shared any Instagram photos of themselves together either.

A few group photos of the duo during press conferences for Drinking Buddies and Happy Christmas are revolving online.

Who is Anna Kendrick? How long did she date Ben Richardson?

Ben Richardson’s girlfriend, Anna Kendrick, is 37 years old, and they apparently started dating back in 2014. She is a Leo, whereas her boyfriend is a Virgo.

Famous American actress Anna Kendrick, who was also nominated for an Oscar, is well-known for her multiple roles in a number of successful films, including a major role in Twilight.

She started her career as an actor in the well-known Broadway musical High Society and was raised in Portland, Maine.

Anna first appeared in a lead part in a NY City opera staging of the Stephen Sondheim musical, for which she won an award from Theatre World. 

For the soundtrack of the movie Pitch Perfect, Anna Kendrick covered the hit song Cups and appeared in the official music video. The track was a major success; it peaked at No. 2 on the US Adult Billboard top and No. 6 on the US Billboard 100.