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Bennet Schwartz Sydney Creative Discusses Innovative Print Designs

Graphic design and creativity go hand-in-hand and have done for decades. The printing press brought about the movement to educate the masses, with reading becoming affordable to all. Creative director, Bennet Schwartz Sydney, believes the work of print designers is vital to the marketing sector, which he explains still relies on print design. The era of digital design grabs headlines for innovation, with print design experts continuing to innovate in the 21st-century.

What is Print Design?

Print designers remain a vital piece of the design sector, despite the switch to digital media. The move to digital media at all levels is ongoing, meaning the use of innovative print design is still needed. Innovative print design is a part of the creative sector and will remain so for years to come because of the need for physical media to complete design projects. Students and those entering the graphic design sector can continue to innovate in print design because it remains important for the future.

Types of Print Design

The decline of the newspaper sector in its physical form was seen as the end of innovative print design. However, the sector has continued to grow because of the need for physical copies of products, including:

  • Business cards
  • Brochures
  • Billboards
  • Stationary
  • Menus
  • Banners

Rasmussen College reports the publishing sector remains one of the most important areas for print design. The return to popularity of books and novels has led to a renaissance of the art of book cover design, where innovation is encouraged. A well-designed and innovative book cover retains the power to boost sales of classics and new writings published across multiple formats.

Minimalism Remains Popular

The use of minimal design has been important for the last two decades and continues to be important. Explaining the power of minimalism, Bennet Schwartz Sydney explains the need to produce physical design work that is scalable is important to business success. Bennet Schwartz explains the trend for innovative minimalism has included the use of florals focusing on leaf and flower buds. The latest innovations in print design integrate traditional techniques into the digital sector, which allows creatives, such as Bennet Schwartz Sydney, to adapt these designs.

Designing for Good Causes

There is no doubt about the changing times, with the use of innovative print designs for good causes a good option. There is a long history of innovation in the print design sector stretching back across centuries. Delivering a powerful message to the public is one of the most impressive trends in the print design sector inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic. The delivery of the COVID-19 vaccine will require innovative print designs to keep the safety message moving forward. In recent years, print designers have been moving towards important projects. Print designers have played an important role in the delivery of safety messages throughout modern history. Among these projects was the use of graffiti murals to explain the dangers of Ebola in Liberia.

Switching to Simple Design Ideas

The late-20th century and the first decade of the 21st-century saw a move towards bright, in-your-face print designs. The public and creatives have grown tired of the constant barrage of bright colors and bold fonts, including Bennet Schwartz. Graphic Art News reports the changing tide of public opinion has seen the development of a simplistic approach to design. Several design projects of 2020 and even more in 2021 are using a single color as the base with traditional fonts. Print designers are using simple designs to allow their work to translate to different platforms.

Sustainable Design Ideas

The work of print designers reflects the values their clients want to portray. The use of sustainable design ideas is an important one for many companies, with sustainable materials and simple designs helping to pass on the message of sustainability. The production of organic packaging designs is an area being explored by print designers around the world. Bennet Schwartz highlights the trend for sustainable materials as one that will continue into 2021. The use of bamboo and paper made from recycled and sustainable materials is an area Schwartz believes will see high levels of innovation in the future.

Typography Alone

The use of text has become an area of innovation that is driving new ideas and projects. The traditional approach to print design has been to combine text and images to convey a message. An innovation that has become important to the print design sector is the development of text-only projects. Although text-only designs can be minimal, size and color are becoming increasingly important.

Bennet Schwartz is excited by the new trends and innovations in the print design industry. The transition to digital design is not yet complete, meaning print designers still play a role in the delivery of marketing messages.